Our Favorite Black Travel Baes Reveal What They Are Looking Forward To Post-Quarantine
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Our Favorite Black Travel Baes Reveal What They Are Looking Forward To Post-Quarantine

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Apr 21, 2020

Yes, the bad news is we can’t travel right now as countries work to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. But the good news is that these tough times won’t last forever and in due time, we’ll be back to exploring the world.

To give you some travel inspiration, Travel Noire caught up with some of our favorite Travel Couples to find out what they are looking forward to post-quarantine.

Andra + Terrain

Instagram | @theintercontinentalcommuter

After meeting at his brother and sister-in-law’s baby shower, Andra and Terrian Jones have been together for 12 years and married for 10. Throughout the course of their 12-year relationship, the two have managed to travel to 12 countries together!

“I would have to say that we are really just looking forward to things getting back to normal. Luckily we were able to get a Cabo trip in just before things started to get really bad. We have had to cancel our summer trips though. So once things start to normalize a bit, we hope to find some good travel deals,” the couple told Travel Noire. “We don’t have any definitive destinations planned out yet, we will just wait to see what opens up that makes sense.”

Desiree + Marquise

Instagram | @melanin_wanderlove

If anyone is anxious to travel again, it’s probably Desiree and Marquise. Their love story started with a shared passion for traveling as both are flight attendants. They decided to join a flight attendant group on social media for black crewmembers in search of motivation, positivity, and fun, and the rest is history.

“So post quarantine, we are looking forward to picking up where we left off. We are definitely adventure seekers. So that means continuing on our mission to see and experience every corner of this beautiful, amazing world together,” the couple said. “Next big places on the list are Morrocco and South Africa. We’re so excited to experience the people, the cultures, the lifestyles and of course, the food!”

“We also look forward to going on a nice romantic tropical getaway in Aruba. The beach/ocean is one of our happy places. It’s always been a place where we can relax,  unwind, take in the breeze and really enjoy each other as well as nature. Flamingo Beach has been on our list for quite a while now.”

“The last thing we are excited about is a nice fun date night while at one of our planned destinations. Grab some good traditional authentic food then head to a nice lounge for some dancing and live local music! Feel good music!”

Fly With Queenie

Instagram | @flywithqueenie

Fly With Queenie is a travel boss who has somehow made being an entrepreneur, wife, and supermom look so effortless. When she’s not blogging or creating a new episode on her podcast Travel Chat Repeat, she’s exploring the world with her husband and son.  

“After quarantine is over, I’m looking forward to a place with a jam-packed itinerary like hopping around some European countries for a week,” she told Travel Noire. “After spending so much time in the house, we want to be busy and I think hitting 4 countries in a week in Europe will be all the business I need lol. I would have a little bit of beach vibes like on the Portugal coast and city vibes like in London, England. I can’t wait for this to become a reality and let the exploration resume!”

LaShonda + Joshua

Instagram | @inkedupshake
Instagram |@ms_unseld

In a previous interview with Travel Noire, LaShonda and Joshua opened up about how traveling together deepened their relationship.

“We can not wait to hit the islands post quarantine!  Any island really! Lol!  Some mornings we play Bob Marley and have ‘Rumosas’ (rum mixed mimosas) just to set the Jamaican vibe.  That’s the last place we visited this year before the international travel ban.”

“We are definitely missing date nights at restaurants and live music as well.  Josh was talking about how he missed authentic jerk chicken.  We are on the go so much so the quarantine hasn’t been horrible but we definitely can’t wait to travel again.  We’ve already canceled three international trips but are staying optimistic about traveling in the fall/winter.”

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