A TikTok video is going viral and getting travelers privy to another way to save money on flights. The Chrome extension Travel Arrow is designed to be an all-in-one travel planning assistant. However, millennial and Gen-Z travelers are loving how the plug-in filters through deals on flights. In the viral TikTok, the user described the extension as superior to Google Flights. 

While Google Flights will pull cheap flight pricing for travelers, Travel Arrow takes it a step further by pulling deals from airlines that Google Flights might miss. It even pulls from Southwest, the only airline that doesn’t display flight costs on third-party websites. 

When it comes to finding the best deals, travelers say Travel Arrow is more efficient than Google Flights.

Find Flight Deals Fast

Travel Arrow finds deals fast. Instead of shuffling through web pages looking for deals, the extensions display deals for you. Google Flights is beloved amongst travelers worldwide. However, it only will show the cheapest flight, not special deals and promotions being offered by each airline. Once you enter your desired flight, Travel Arrow will populate active deals on the airlines’ website. 

“I love Google Flights, but sometimes it doesn’t give me the best deals,” the TikToker said in the video.

The extension also displays deals from travel companies like Kayak, Expedia, Trip, and Skyscanner to ensure travelers find the best deals. For example, according to Lifehacker.com, the cheapest route on Google Flights from San Francisco to Austin was $281 on Frontier Airlines. Once they entered the same route into Travel Arrow, the extension found a cheaper fare of $243 through Kayak.

More Than Just Deals

Since the viral TikTok video, travelers have fallen in love with Travel Arrow tracking down flight deals. However, the extension does much more. Sometimes, it doesn’t locate the best deal but the shortest route. 

For those looking for deals on hotels, Travel Arrow has a feature that reveals the hidden 4- and 5-star hotels on Priceline’s Express Deal feature. If you don’t have time to filter through deals, you can set up notifications to be alerted when deals become available. Shopping with certain brands while traveling will give you cash back through the extension while its 24/7 travel concierge makes vacation planning easy and simple.