This Travel Agency Creates Space to Elevate Black Women Travel
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Flashpop

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Flashpop

This Travel Agency Creates Space to Elevate Black Women Travel

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Kristina Lopez
Kristina Lopez Aug 16, 2023

Travel photos on social media and bookings to go somewhere new has skyrocketed post-pandemic. However, everyone doesn’t believe that they can have those same opportunities. Dianelle Rivers-Mitchell, affectionately known as Danny, created Black Girls Travel Too, a Black woman-owned travel agency. The company intends to rewrite the narrative for women of color and break down barriers. She wants Black women to embrace the thrill of exploration often only afforded to a few.  

Black owned business travel agency

Travel is for Black Girls Travel Too

The stigmas of travel for people of color vary. In the past, the travel industry has closed the door to women of color. They were suggesting they weren’t culturally inclined or deserving of new experiences. Black Girls Travel Too is focused on dispelling these stereotypes one passport stamp at a time. 

The Black Girls Travel Too Instagram account has grown to over 100,000 followers since its founding in January 2015. The company features Black women looking to break the generational stigma around travel. The surge of interest speaks volumes that Black women are ready to claim their own space, broaden their horizons and change the narrative in their favor.

How Helping Others can Transform your Life

Black Girls Travel Too doesn’t just help Black women create an amazing vacation. This travel agency also curates transformative experiences that breathe new life into Black women through voluntourism.

Voluntourism is a form of tourism that involves going on a working holiday to give time to a worthy cause. It’s an amazing way to give to underserved communities in places around the world, and it speaks to who Black women are at their core.

From sun-soaked beaches in Barbados to the cultural tapestry around India, Black Girls Travel Too curates intimate group experiences with cultural intention every year. The excursions transcend simple sightseeing and enrich lives through a new perspective. Rivers-Mitchell has cultivated partnerships across the globe and commits to unwavering customer care while keeping the educational components. The rigorous vetting process ensures every package is safe and consistent in delivering the BGTT promise to create #goals after every trip.

Inspiration Starts at Home

Her journey from the underserved communities in Mobile, Alabama, to a leader in the Black woman travel agency is inspiring. She defied the odds and emerged as a beacon of success in her own right. One field trip to Washington, D.C. inspired her to help Black women educate, liberate and appreciate themselves. It changed her monolithic view of who travel is for into a multi-possible perspective on what travel could be for Black women like her.

Today, Black Girls Travel Too stands as a testament to her dedication to breaking generational cycles for Black women. It’s time that Black women feel welcome in different spaces. Her mission to offer the chance to embark on a journey of self-discovery echoes the transformation she experienced herself. Behind the scenes, she’s a philanthropic force volunteering abroad along with her husband, Oliver, and their children, Madison and Liam.

Find your New Experience

Rivers-Mitchell continues to help Black women defy stereotypes, challenge mediocrity and pave the way for empowerment through travel. In a world where representation matters, she’s a guiding light for women of color seeking their place in the sun. Black Girls Travel Too is a Black women-owned travel agency ready to show Black women the entire world, one adventure at a time.

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