Escape The Crowds At These Beautiful, Tranquil Beaches In Mexico
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Vitae London

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Vitae London

Escape The Crowds At These Beautiful, Tranquil Beaches In Mexico

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Apr 25, 2023

Every beach has its own personality, and the beaches of Mexico are no exception. Whether you’re in Puerto Vallarta or Acapulco, Punta Mita or the Riviera Maya, the beach options are endless. Some are ideal for families, some are great for water sports. Others encourage people to party till the sun comes up. We’re looking at you, Cancun beaches!

But what about that cohort of travelers who want to unwind at the beach? Well, they have options, too. Mexico offers a number of “off the beaten path” beaches. They are usually removed from resorts and hotels, so you’ll be able to avoid rowdy crowds.

Chill out at one of these tranquil, Mexican beaches.

Cocinas Beach- Jalisco

Photo credit: Fernando Gutierrez

If you’re looking for tranquil waters, head to Cocinas Island, which is just a 2 hour drive from busy Puerto Vallarta. According to Vallarta Nayarit Blog, “getting there is very easy and affordable. Once you arrive at Punta Perula beach you can take a boat, and in about 20 minutes you will be in this little paradise.”

This uninhabited island is just the place for low energy activity. Do a bit of yoga, curl up under your parasol with a good book, or fall asleep as the sea breaks on the shore.

You can also do non-motorized water activities like kayaking and snorkeling- but bring your own gear. If you’re lucky, you might spot a dolphin, whale or some turtles.

Pack a lunch, as there are no restaurants or shops on the island. Please take all trash with you when you leave, to preserve the beauty of this beautiful island.

Balandra Beach- Baja California Sur

Photo credit: Pascal van de Vendel

Several tourists and travel bloggers consider Balandra Beach the most beautiful beach in Mexico. You decide.

An important note about this beach: it can get crowded on weekends and holidays, so the best way to avoid this is to go mid-week, or early in the morning.

In 2022, Balandra Beach was temporarily closed following a yacht fire and oil spillage disaster. It’s re-opened now, but the restrictions are tight.

If you’re a tourist, don’t go to the beach the first Sunday of every month. Thoroughly Travel writes, “only residents of La Paz are allowed,” on that day.

Not only is the water clear and calm, it’s possible to walk to the sandbar at low tide. If you do this, Thoroughly Travel suggests shuffling your feet, so stingrays in the sand know you’re coming.

You can get to Balandra Bay in approximately 30 minutes from La Paz, and just under three hours from Los Cabos via car.

Secret Beach- Quintana Roo

Photo credit: Darren Lawrence

You can access this slice of paradise via the Cancun-Tulum highway. Mexico Daily Post calls it “the most virgin land in the Mexican Southeast.”

Points and Travel explains, “you will need to do a bit of hiking to get down the beach. Although the terrain is a bit rocky, once you see the view, you will be mesmerized by it.”

Because getting there isn’t so straight forward, there aren’t a ton of tourists here.

Bacocho Beach- Puerto Escondido

Photo credit: Marco Antonio

This is the westernmost beach in Puerto Escondido (which means “hidden port.”)

This beach is ideal for aimless walks, fabulous sunsets, and turtle release, which happens around 5 PM. If you’re interested, you can participate in this amazing event for a fee.

Bear in mind, you aren’t meant to touch the turtles, as this can be a health hazard for them.

As one traveler wrote, “every person gets a tiny turtle in a small coconut shell. Touching them can introduce human microorganisms to the turtles which can then cause them to spread diseases in wild turtle populations.”

As for the water itself, users on Tripadvisor say it depends on the day. Sometimes, the water is calm and ideal for swimming. On other occasions, it’s choppy. Take precautions either way.

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