Scared Of Flying? This Train Route Will Take You From NYC To Miami This Spring
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Scared Of Flying? This Train Route Will Take You From NYC To Miami This Spring

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Mar 13, 2020

Instead of flying this season, why not take the train? Traveling by train is commonly slept on but is a great alternative, especially when traveling through the U.S. 

Amtrak currently offers the Silver Service/Palmetto route which goes from Miami to NYC and everywhere in between. This route takes you through Charleston, Savannah, Washington, D.C. and other cities. It’s the perfect way to see multiple cities at once while enjoying picturesque views on the way. 

There are three trains on the route (the Silver Meteor, the Silver Star, and the Palmetto) which all operate daily in both directions. The trains pass through 55 stations and take around 28 hours if you were to travel straight without spending days in certain locations. 

Some of the stations you’ll be stopping in include West Palm Beach, Tampa, Orlando, Raleigh, Richmond, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. 

If you want to spend two weeks exploring the east coast, you can get off at certain spots and spend a night or two. There are also hot meals served on the train and access to nearby showers so you can spend the night on the train. Booking a roomette allows you to have access to fresh towels, linens, a garment rack, and a comfortable living space. 

You can also book rooms or a bedroom suite on the Silver or Palmetto route.

So if you’re looking to travel this spring, but don’t want to fly, consider train routes for a more scenic experience.

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