Here Are The Top Expat Destinations For 2020
Photo Credit: Rawpixel | Getty Images

Photo Credit: Rawpixel | Getty Images

Here Are The Top Expat Destinations For 2020

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Dec 16, 2019

A new decade is upon us and many of you are considering packing your bags and testing out the expat lifestyle. The most difficult part of the process is often trying to decide where to go. If you are looking for a little guidance, InterNations has revealed its 2020 list of the best countries for expats and you may be a bit surprised by some of the results.

The annual Expat City Ranking reveals how expats rate life in 82 cities around the world, and here are the top 5 results.

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1. Taipei, Taiwan

For the second year in a row, Taiwan’s capital claims the top position as the best city to live in as an expat. Almost all expats (98%) are satisfied with the local transportation (vs. 70% globally), and a vast majority (94%) are happy with the availability of healthcare in the city (vs. 73% globally). Around seven in ten expats appreciate the local cost of living (71% vs. 43% globally) and are satisfied with their financial situation (69% vs. 57% globally). 

Taipei, Taiwan | Vernon Raineil Cenzon | Unsplash

2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur it is voted the world’s easiest city to get settled as an expat. Three in four expats (75%) feel at home in Kuala Lumpur (vs. 64% globally), and 69% are happy with their social life (vs. 55% globally). Close to four in five (78%) are satisfied with the local cost of living (vs. 43% globally), and 75% find housing affordable (vs. 36% globally).

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Deva Darshan | Unsplash

3. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City takes the third spot, with close to nine in ten expats (87%) saying that it is easy to find housing (vs. 50% globally), and 77% being happy with their financial situation (vs. 57% globally). Expats are particularly happy with their jobs in general (79% vs. 64% globally), the local career opportunities (68% vs. 51% globally), and their working hours (75% vs. 62% globally). 

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam | Georgios Domouchtsidis | Unsplash

4. Singapore

Every respondent in Singapore (100%) rates their personal safety positively (vs. 81% globally), and the vast majority (88%) is also satisfied with the political stability (vs. 61% globally). expats find it easy to get used to the local culture (77% vs. 62% globally), to make new friends (58% vs. 45% globally), and are happy with their social life (67% vs. 55% globally).

Singapore | Swapnil Bapat | Unsplash

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5. Montréal, Canada

More than three in five expats (62%) rate the affordability of housing positively (vs. 36% globally), and almost four in five (79%) say it is easy for expats to find housing (vs. 50% globally). Almost two-thirds of expats (65%) rate the local career opportunities positively (vs. 51% globally). Montréal also ranks third in the Work-Life Balance subcategory.

Montreal, Canada | Marc-Olivier Jodoin | Unsplash

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