Top Airports for Entertainment And Relaxation During Long Layovers
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Top Airports for Entertainment And Relaxation During Long Layovers

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Maggie J.
Maggie J. Jun 23, 2022

Some flights, especially international flights, have long layovers in airports set up for entertainment and relaxation for those times. Once inside the airport terminal, having the extra time before, or in between, flights can go one of two ways. Either the passenger is stressed about spending so much time at the airport. Or, they are excited about the possibility of spending so much time at the airport. Of course, it depends on the airports.

Opt-in at spas, lounges, gyms and even mirror mazes for entertainment and relaxation in these top airports. Destinations like Switzerland, Qatar and South Korea have airport amenities that are great for those long hauls. Be pleased with the wide selection of things to do and places to rest at these top airports.

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The list of airports below includes some of the best airports for entertainment and relaxation during long layovers. Above all, it’s all about the attitude when dealing with long layovers. Get excited about spending some time at the airport. With this in mind, plan ahead for those long layovers. Know what the airport has to offer for entertainment and relaxation during the extended wait. There’s usually something interesting at every airport.

Hamad International Airport, Doha

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Recently voted number one airport in the world, Hamad International Airport, Doha is Qatar’s principle airport. This airport has ten different lounges, including the Special Assistance Traveler’s Lounge and Oryx Lounge, which is open to all passengers, regardless of airline (for a fee). For the younger solo-travelers, the unaccompanied minors lounge has video games, snacks and supervision.

Four Be Relax spas are offered in three different concourses in the airport. Three of which include showers. Indulge in the aromatherapy, oxygen treatments and a mani-pedi. Then, pause for a drink at the juice bar. Take a 25-minute shower after a table massage and facial, all while “waiting” for that connecting flight.

This isn’t all that Hamad International Airport in Doha has at its disposal. They also have sleeping pods, quiet rooms and, when that layover is really, really long, they have a hotel. On top of this, their service is said to be top notch. Feeling like vacation has already started when you are still at the airport is a breath of fresh air.

Singapore Changi Airport

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The Singapore Changi Airport is most known for Jewel, an interactive eating, shopping and playing experience, accessible from all airport terminals. Find the way through the mirror maze, only to get lost in the hedge maze. Hop on the bouncy nets and stand wide-eyed at the HSBC Rain Vortex, “the world’s tallest indoor waterfall… the stunning display of water cascading down 7 stories at the heart of Jewel!”

After working up an appetite, feel free to graze at any of the over 30 restaurant options in the Singapore Changi Airport. Violet Oon Singapore and Sanook Kitchen offer sit-down options.

In need of some rest? Stay at YOTELAIR Hotel, a new service to the airport and available both in and outside of security. Guests can choose a day rate or overnight rate and gain access to adjustable beds, quick WIFI and even food delivery services.

Incheon International Airport, South Korea

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South Korea’s Incheon International Airport is geared up with adventure and relaxation options. The Kid’s Zone and Café are available for an adventure, snacks and then, more adventures. A digital gym is another way to get rid of pent up energy from hours of flying. In addition, passengers can book guided tours of the airport while on a layover, or when flying stand-by.

Relaxation zones through the airport terminals range from tables and chairs for work or meals, to comfy arm chairs. All with plugs for charging tablets, phones and computers. Five nap zones contain fully reclined loungers, some with separators between each bed for more privacy.

Amenities at the hotels include showers, lounges, capsule rooms, hourly or overnight accommodations and business centers.

Shop Tiffany & Co., Chanel, Gucci and Fendi; all duty free to pass the time before take-off. Dine at Incheon International Airport with dozens of Korean restaurants, several Western ones and a few dessert cafes. With plenty of entertainment and relaxation, long layovers feel shorter than ever.

Paries Charles de Gaulle Airport, France


Twelve pianos are scattered throughout Paries Charles de Gaulle Airport, in France. Passengers are free to play them anytime they’d like, day or night. Guests can even go live on IG, or FB as they play since the WIFI is free and strong in the entirety of the airport.

Put on those headphones and listen to the airport’s curated playlist while browsing the sculptures and artwork around the airport. An arcade with retro games like PacMan can take up some of that extra time in the airport terminal too.

Time to relax with the airport’s mini hotel, YoTel Air. Sleep, or work in privacy. Then, take a shower before the next flight. Add on a concierge, called My Conciergerie, who will retrieve the luggage and welcome their guest in their preferred language.

Zurich Airport, Switzerland

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Spa sessions similar to those one would find at any full-service spa, Bliss Center-Day Spa at The Circle at Zurich Airport in Switzerland, offers massages, facials, mani-pedis, sugar waxing and wraps. The Kneipp rituals are special wraps created, “using heat or cold and plant power, organs are activated and tension and congestion are released.”

Showers are an option in a few places throughout the Zurich International Airport. The in-terminal showers offered through the Transit Hotel can be purchased on a walk-in basis. Hotel rooms are also offered for longer rest periods between flights.

Interestingly, airport visitors can also book dental and optometry services. Additionally, the airport has hair salons, smoking lounges, tons of shopping, restaurants, bars, cafes and first class and business clubs. More than enough activities and opportunities for rest than can fit into the usual layover, even a long one.

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