TN Awards: Meet The Nominees For Best Black Travel Group
Photo Credit: Photo by Rodnae Productions

Photo Credit: Photo by Rodnae Productions

TN Awards: Meet The Nominees For Best Black Travel Group

Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones May 31, 2022

Want to go on an epic vacation with your friends but would rather not be saddled with all the planning? Need transfers and tours arranged? Want to have a decadent dinner at a five-star restaurant? For those with a penchant for adventure, do you want to carve out time for zip-lining, horseback riding, and hiking? Say less. Put that in the competent hands of these Black-owned Travel Groups who can tailor your itinerary from A to Z.

Learn more about the nominees for Best Black Owned Travel Groups below. Which one of these groups do you think deserves the Travel Noire Award? Cast your vote until June 13, 2022.

Live Be Do


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This travel group was founded by Akeem Tolson. The name stemmed from his desire to strike a meaningful balance between work and play.

“It is a personal mission statement that I created to avoid burn out,” Akeem told Travel Noire.

Live Be Do, which has a Facebook and an Instagram page, encourages people to connect through shared interests beyond travel. It also coordinates group trips in the US and abroad.

“I create international itineraries based on experiences I enjoy, and relationships I have made in other countries,” Akeem said. “Familiarity with the host culture creates great experiences for our guests. Each itinerary includes cultural activities, adventures, and of course, time for fun.”

You can read our feature on Live Be Do, here.


Black Travel Gram


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Black Travel Gram is a love song dedicated exclusively to The Culture.

It was established by De’Aaron and Ashley, a husband and wife duo in 2018. They not only coordinate exciting group trips, they put the spotlight on Black people making travel waves around the world.

The Instagram page is filled with pictures of beautiful Black people exploring England, Aruba, Colombia and more.

See our feature on Black Travel Gram and its Black Yacht Experience here.

The Roaming Republic

Founded in 2018, this global travel community encourages Black people to make a statement wherever they roam.

Past excursions have been held in Costa Rica, Zanzibar and Ghana among others.

According to the website, The Roaming Republic, “believes that the concept of home should not be limited to a location or a series of walls but instead, it should be cultivated in the community, atmosphere and experiences we create wherever we go.”



Black Girls Travel Too (BGTT)

Black Girls Travel Too aims to elevate Black women and destroy the notion that they are “undeserving of a life filled with jet-setting and pages of passport stamps.”

It was founded by Dianelle Rivers- Mitchell, whose passion for travel goes back to childhood. Her passion would give rise to her business years later.

Upcoming excursions include Thailand and India.

Jet Black Travel

Jet Black Travel wants to help strangers become lifelong friends through globetrotting.

Jet Black Travel has cultivated relationships with travel professionals around the world in order to design unique experiences.

Excursions for 2022 are sold out, but there’s an exciting itinerary for 2023. You can go to Colombia, Spain, Ghana and United Arab Emirates, just to name a few.




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