8 Tips To Help You Get A Refund On Travel Plans Cancelled Due To COVID-19
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8 Tips To Help You Get A Refund On Travel Plans Cancelled Due To COVID-19

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Mar 27, 2020

Many of us have had trips planned for a while and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we now have to cancel them.  While many travel companies are offering options to reschedule, some travelers would prefer a refund, especially during this financially stressful time. 

For those who would rather be refunded than rescheduled, here are 8 tips for getting a travel refund during COVID-19.

If they Cancel, You’re Supposed To Get A Quick Refund

According to the U.S. Transportation Department, if an airline no longer flies to your destination, you are supposed to get refunded within 7 business days if you paid using a credit card, and 20 business days if you paid using cash or check. 

Use All Methods Of Communication To Hit Them Up

Most of the time we think calling businesses is the best way to get help. Most businesses are unable to take phone calls during this time because their lines are so busy from other travelers trying to get their money back. Instead, try to hit up the travel companies by email, Facebook, Twitter, or their online chats. 

It may take longer to get a response, but you will definitely be helped by exhausting all methods of communication. 

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Be Stern About Getting A Refund

Of course, it’s important to be polite, but you can also be stern about voicing what you want. Oftentimes, travel companies will try to offer you credits instead of a full refund, but you should tell them that you want a refund. 

Also writing them on social media about wanting a refund can persuade them to give you what you want. 

Just remember to not be rude. 

Ask Your Credit Card Company For Help

If you paid for your trip using a credit card, you may be in luck. Most credit card companies will help you get a refund. 

Sheerin, a frequent traveler, tells The Washington Post, “The Amex concierge is a game-changer and has saved me lots of money.” 

If the company is giving you a hard time, call your credit card company to dispute the charges. 

Be Kind While Negotiating

One of the best things you can do when trying to get a refund is to be kind to the representative you’re communicating with. 

“Consider the depth of the relationship. You might say, ‘After years of working together, I hope we can find a compromise that works for both of us’,” says Laurie Guest, an author specializing in travel and customer service, to The Washington Post

Mention How Loyal You Are

If you purchase travel from this company often, it’s your time to mention that to them. 

“Members of hotel and airline loyalty programs can press the service providers to reward their past and likely future loyalty,” mentions Marcia Flicker, an associate professor at Fordham University.

Read Your Terms Of Purchase

According to The Washington Post, “Airlines give refunds when they make a significant schedule change. If a hotel isn’t open, you get all your money back. And if a cruise line cancels your itinerary to avoid a coronavirus outbreak and tries to rebook you on another sailing, you have the option of canceling.”

Read your tears of purchase and you may find grounds to demand a refund.

Have Patience

At the end of the day, it pays to be patient. 

Request your refund as soon as possible, but just know that it could be a while to actually receive it. 

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