25 Tips For Solo Women Travelers To Stay Safe While Having A Blast
Photo Credit: Tim Robberts | Getty Images

Photo Credit: Tim Robberts | Getty Images

25 Tips For Solo Women Travelers To Stay Safe While Having A Blast

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Sep 29, 2020

There’s something special to be said about solo travel. Some of my most memorable and happiest moments traveling was experienced when I explored a new city by myself. 

Despite the pandemic, solo travel among women is on the rise. According to Overseas Adventure Travel, over 24,000 travelers have booked travel for 2021. The company’s CEO and president Brian Fitzgerald tells Forbes, “We see solo women, in particular, with a passion to meet and bond with the local people. It’s life-changing.”

In addition to all of the travel deals, people are just ready to escape their current realities, if even for a few days. 

Marilyn Conroy, Riviera River Cruises’ Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing North America, tells Forbes, “Women make up the majority of passengers on our solo departures — they tend to travel solo more than men.”

If you’re curious about where women are traveling solo the most, Budget Direct Travel Insurance released their study in which they analyzed Instagram hashtags and geo-location of over 1 million Instagram posts. 

The top ten destinations in the U.S. for solo women travelers are: New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Honolulu, San Diego, Seattle, Miami and Washington, D.C.

Whether you’re a seasoned solo traveler, or you’ve been recently inspired to plan a solo trip, here are 25 tips for women solo travelers:

It’s a lot easier to get around if you pack light. It’s important to pack your basic necessities and not worry about taking everything with you. Most of the time, we overpack and realise we didn’t need half of the things we packed. 

When out and about exploring, keep the details about where you’re staying to yourself. 

Prior to booking your flight, do some research on the city/country you’ll be visiting. Is it generally safe for women that are traveling alone? Is there reliable public transportation? Are the locals friendly? Knowing more about your destination will make your time there a lot more enjoyable. 

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Plan your trip so you arrive early in the day and are able to check into your hotel early and explore the city. Your first day may be a bit overwhelming, so its great to get use to the city during the daylight. 

Sometimes things won’t go as planned. Keep an open mind and not set your expectations too high, but rather go with the flow. 

Meeting up with other women in the destination you’re visiting is a great way to build relationships and socialize when abroad. Don’t hesitate to reach out to someone via social media, you never know, you may meet a lifelong friend. 

When traveling, always keep your travel documents, passport, cards and cash secure. Do not carry all of your cash with you and always make copies of your passport.

When traveling alone, you may feel the need to stay connected to friends and family at home, but it’s also great to unplug. Taking a break from technology will bring complete relaxation and give you time to reflect. 

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Supporting the locals restaurants, shops and accommodations in your destination is a great way to learn more about the people, culture and history of the place you’re visiting.

When traveling alone, be mindful of the way the locals dress. For example, if you’re in a conservative country like Morocco, be sure to dress the part. Sticking out as a tourist can result in you being a target to scammers.

If you’re traveling to a destination that speaks a foreign language, be sure to learn basic words in their language. Learning commonly used words and phrases will make locals feel respected.

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There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a cocktail or two when traveling alone. It could even be fun to enjoy a drink with a stranger, but avoid risky situations and don’t get drunk. Drinking while remaining aware of your surroundings is the key to a fun but safe experience. 

Often times we neglect what our instincts tell us. When traveling bling solo, it’s important to trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, leave the area and head somewhere you feel safe. 

While you don’t have to update your family and friends on every move you make, it’s important to at least let your loved ones know where you’ll be staying while you’re abroad. This way, if anything does happen, they’ll be able to track your whereabouts. 

We don’t really realise how badly we needed the alone time until we are alone. Revel in the moment and enjoy every bit of it. 

Whether you prefer writing in journal, taking photos or recording videos, documenting your experience is a great way to reflect. Years will go by and you’ll always have your documentation to look back on. 

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When shopping, look up boutiques in the area that are owned by women. It’s a great way to collect beautiful pieces for your wardrobe while supporting a woman entrepreneur. 

Even if you’re not feeling confident that day, keep your head up high. Feel confident wandering through a new city, it will make a difference!

If you’re hesitant to stay in a hotel or Airbnb alone, a great option is to stay in a hostel. Hostels are a great way to meet new people and discover different ways of living!

Whether you’re married or not, wearing a ring on your ring finger is a great signal to ward off unwanted attention. 

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If you’re a first-time solo traveler, get your feet wet by traveling solo in your city. You can book a staycation and wander around your city for a weekend, shopping and eating out by yourself. This will give you a taste of solo travel and more confidence to travel further out on your next trip. 

To be on the safe side, don’t post the location of the coffee shop or museum you visited until you’ve left the location. You should also wait to post the place you’re staying until you’ve checked out. 

Having genuine conversations with locals can positively impact your travel experience. Not only will you get to meet new people, but you’ll also be exposed to new experiences and spots that most tourists won’t know about. 

Be sure to purchase a portable charger and converter so you’ll never have the problem of your phone going dead! Also, purchasing an international phone plan is a great way to ensure you’ll always have phone service and won’t have to rely on finding WiFi. 

Yes, you may want to save money by walking and taking public transportation, but if you’re traveling at night, it’s best to pay for a taxi or Uber to ensure you get back to your accommodation safely. 

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