TikToker Shares Account Of Man Trying To Break Into Her Airbnb In UK
Photo Credit: Montsera

Photo Credit: Montsera

TikToker Shares Account Of Man Trying To Break Into Her Airbnb In UK

Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Jun 7, 2022

A traveler from the U.S. has been left ‘shaken’ after a man trying to break into her Airbnb makes her question her safety.

On a trip to Edinburgh, Kelsey Hansen was traveling alone in Scotland for one month. Overall, Hansen explained that during her one month traveling in Scotland she had a great time and “wants to do it again immediately”.

Edinburgh Live reported that she would still recommend the city to others even though there was “one thing” that she had to mention.

In an emotional Tiktok recount she mentioned “there was one thing that happened that I wanted to talk about and what I would maybe do next time and bring with me to to make me feel safer in general.”


I was in Edinburgh for a month and it was one of the best experiences of my life BUT sometimes shit happens #fyp #foryoupage #scotland #edinburgh #anxiousredhead #introvert #MINDORDERING @_notjeangrey_

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Hansen took to social media to explain that while in her Abbeyhill Airbnb alone, she heard a knock at the door. As she was high up in the Victorian house turned flat, it was an unexpected knock. The traveler even questioned how anyone could have entered the house. She recounts how she was getting ready to go out to meet up with a friend.

Hansen following her instincts as man trying to break into her airbnb is persistent

“There was no peephole so I yelled through the door ‘who is it?’ I didn’t open the door or even entertain that idea but this man didn’t tell me what he was there for or his name and I asked him repeatedly.” It seemed all he wanted Hansen to do was open the door and left irritated when he couldn’t gain access.

She tells followers that for the following two nights she decided to stay in a hotel for two nights because of the incident.

The TikToker shared that after the incident of a man trying to break into her Airbnb while alone, she would bring a door handle alarm for any future travelling.

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