TikToker Accuses Spirit Airlines Of Throwing His Tickets In the Trash After Being Kicked Off Flight
Photo Credit: TikTok

Photo Credit: TikTok

TikToker Accuses Spirit Airlines Of Throwing His Tickets In the Trash After Being Kicked Off Flight

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Jun 7, 2022

A man named Clint Evans claimed he and his family were not allowed to board a Spirit Airlines plane. After being blocked by the low-cost carrier employees, he also said that he saw their tickets in the trash. Evans showed the incident in a video he posted on his TikTok account (@tint_by_clint). The incident happened on May 8th. He also says that Spirit Airlines employees were “rude” to him when he tried to contact the company’s staff.

In the footage, the TikToker is shown talking with officers at the Spirit Airlines gate in Orlando International Airport, Florida. He told officers that he tried to board the plane, but was blocked by staff. He then found his tickets in the trash near the gate. He also said the Spirit Airlines employees refused to give them a refund for the flight they missed.

One of the employees asked for the tickets to help Evan but says she was done helping him and will not argue with him.

“You already said that you can’t give a refund. So how in the hell you say you gonna help,” Evans says on the TikTok video while he and his family are walking away from the airline gate.


Spirit Airlines Threw Our Tickets In The Trash. Then Called Security To Have Us Removed. #spiritairlines #frontierairlines #fukspiritairlines #deltaairlines

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Evans’ video on TikTok has reached over a million views so far after it was posted last Sunday. He said that he and his family were going to a funeral in St. Thomas.

Some people who commented on Evans’ video agreed with him that he had been mistreated by Spirit. Others however said that Evans was not clear about what really happened, assuming that he missed the flight because he and his family may have arrived late.

The Tiktoker denied they arrived late. In his last video about the incident, he said he and his family did the check-in, he went to buy a coffee and after that, he repeated that they were not allowed to board the plane for no reason. “Seeking Attorney To Sue Spirit Airlines. I need everyone’s help with this one. Please don’t post negativity in your comments. Thank you,” he captioned his video.

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