TikTok Loves This Traveler Who Seeks Out Recipes On Headstones Then Makes The Dishes
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Photo Credit: Pixabay

TikTok Loves This Traveler Who Seeks Out Recipes On Headstones Then Makes The Dishes

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Maggie J.
Maggie J. Aug 10, 2022

As it turns out, putting recipes on gravestones isn’t just a southern thing. For generations, people from all over the world have used the space on their headstones for something meaningful to them. A recipe.

Rosie Grant loves a good recipe and a good headstone. Combining the two, this TikToker has found her calling. She travels to different cemeteries, collecting recipes from gravestones. Before she departs from the destination, Grant cooks the dish and delivers it back to the same headstone she found the recipe on.

Grant has been sharing her eccentric travel adventures on TikTok. While videos of tombstone recipes have gone viral in the past, no one is really going to the extent she has gone. The response Grant has received is huge.

Grant started making these TikToks in the spring of 2022 after her grandmother passed away from COVID-19. Thinking of her grandmother’s family recipe, yellow cake, she came up with the idea of seeking out recipes on headstones and then making the dishes.

She has made Connie’s date and nut bread from a cemetery in New York. She made a plate of Annabelle’s snickerdoodles when traveling to California, and put her foot into grandma’s peach cobbler in Louisiana. Grant has gone as far as Israel to find and re-create recipes from headstones.

Grant noted, “It’s nice to think about the recipes that hold a similar significance for other families,” she said. “Perhaps at gatherings and holidays they know certain dishes will show up.” But, is giving up the secret recipe for everyone to see, the right way to go? Grant thinks so. She said the Spritz cookies were “to die for!”

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