Thousands Rally Against Asian American Violence Across The Country
Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy Of Rodnae Productions

Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy Of Rodnae Productions

Thousands Rally Against Asian American Violence Across The Country

Malik Peay
Malik Peay Apr 2, 2021

Following the string of attacks against Asian American elders throughout the United States, thousands showed support by rallying on the weekend of March 26 which happens to be “National Day of Action.”

Protests were seen in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles while others were organized throughout the entire country. This series of protests followed the mass shooting of three Atlanta massage spas where six Asian American women were among the eight people killed by a white nationalist.

Photo Courtesy Of Rodnae Productions

“Stop Asian Hate” rallies were organized all over southern California to show allyship for a vulnerable community of resilient people. Starting on Berendo street in Koreatown Los Angeles, a march in solidarity was held by Asian American community members and those who are advocating for the discrimination against Asian Americans due to the exacerbation of xenophobia under the landscape of a global pandemic.

The march organized by local community-based organizations followed along Olympic boulevard and people were seen carrying graphic signs that outlined their support.

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The language surrounding the Coronavirus is majorly seen as one of the root causes for this surge of anti-Asian violence. Poorly-informed terminology surrounding the supposed origin of the Coronavirus and it being traced to China has placed a target on many members of the Asian American community in the United States.

Through other POC and non-POC community members showcasing solidarity, the Asian American violence is becoming globally heard and seen while President Biden used his voice to call out the series of attacks that are alarming our nation.

The Asian American community is avidly building awareness and knowledge for people who may have not perceived this demographic of people as vulnerable. Through the recurring attacks that continue to happen, the Asian American violence epidemic is becoming a worldwide conversation. Earlier this week, the latest documented brutal assault against an Asian American woman walking to church was recorded in Manhattan and this sparked more action for solidarity.

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While these attacks never go unseen, there are many organizations that are forming to protect Asian Americans who walk outside every day to get to their desired destination. Even family members of these Asian American women and seniors are pairing up with their relatives in order to make sure they are getting to their locations safely.

With minorities on edge and the pandemic restrictions loosening, the world is undergoing an awakening that is putting others in fear and is allowing for community organizers to use their platform and voice to continue the conversation surrounding xenophobia and the Asian American experience.

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