Thought Utah Was Boring? Here are 10 Incredible Things to See in the BeeHive State
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Thought Utah Was Boring? Here are 10 Incredible Things to See in the BeeHive State

Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Apr 2, 2022

At first thought, Utah sounds like the most boring place on earth to visit. There are no beaches, it can get cold during the winter, and it’s definitely not at the top of any spring break destination list. However, there is a lot more to the BeeHive state than meets the eye.

From lush canyons and red rock cliffs overlooking massive valleys to historic religious temples and forgotten cities, Utah is bursting with excitement for the outdoor adventurer. Next time you travel west check out these 10 fascinating sights to see in Utah before you head back home.

1. Bonneville Salt Flats


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Travel 90 minutes west of Salt Lake City and you’ll run into one of Utah’s greatest natural wonders, the Bonneville Salt Flats. Spreading over 300,000 acres of desert, the Bonneville Salt Flats was created after years of salt crust building up and forming over centuries. The flats are a perfect place for racing and Speed Week and World of Speed are held there each year. During the off-season, the Bonneville Salt Flats remain unoccupied and exist alone on the outskirts of Utah’s capital city. In the winter months, small streams of water populate parts of the flats and you can find visitors kayaking down the salt-filled streams. 

2. Zion National Park

Filled with waterfalls, vertical peaks, red rock cliffs, and majestic canyons, Zion National Park is a natural beauty only 3 hours from Las Vegas. You can take a tour bus during the warmer months through the park and take in its stunning landscape and scenic views. Zion National Park has some of the best outdoor scenery in Utah and is a hotspot for hikers looking for fun and thrilling adventure. The park also has plenty of campgrounds and RV parks for overnight fun under the stars.

3. Park City

Home to some of Utah’s best ski resorts, Park City is a historic town with a rich legacy in the mining industry. Tourists from across the country come here each year to ski and enjoy luxury experiences at places like Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley Resort. If you want to visit Park City during one of its busiest times of the year, be sure to come in January for the Sundance Film Festival. One of the biggest film festivals in the world, thousands of visitors flock to Park City to celebrate creativity and embrace some of the best new films emerging that year. 

4. Coral Pink Sand Dunes National Park


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Coral Pink Sand Dunes National Park is miles and miles of rolling pink colored sand. The sand dunes are a safe play to visit and although most people visit during the day, there is a small campground available for those who want to experience the coral sands at night. Tourists gravitate toward the national park to enjoy ATV rides, sandboarding, and mountain climbing while taking in the beautiful desert terrain. 

5. The Grand Staircase-Escalante

Spreading over 1.87 million acres of land, the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is the epitome of natural beauty. The park contains five life zones so visitors can experience everything from the sandy waves of the desert to lush forests. The entire area is filled with vast canyons, high-tower archways, waterfalls, and shrubbery and it is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to be in solitude with nature. Grand Staircase-Escalante is the largest national monument in the United States and is managed by the Bureau of Land Management

6. Salt Lake City Temple

The headquarters for the Mormon Church, the Salt Lake City Temple is a beautiful sight in the middle of Temple Square. This grand, 19th-century structure took 40 years to complete and now stretches over 35 acres of land. Although only church members can enter the temple, it is definitely worth visiting while in Salt Lake City to take in the brilliant architecture and design. 

7. Moab

If you are a mountain bike enthusiast, the city of Moab definitely needs to be on your list during your next Utah visit. Moab is a hub for outdoor adventurers, especially those looking to bike through the rolling dunes and scenic trails. The city is home to the intense Slickrock Trail that bikers travel miles to try and conquer and the famous Delicate Arch. If you’re not a biker, there are a slew of other activities to do throughout the city including rafting, hiking, and off-road activities. 

8. Monument Valley

You can transport back in time to the wild west on your next trip to Utah when you visit Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. Located on the Navajo Indian Reservation at the border of Arizona and Utah, Monument Valley has served as the backdrop to some of Hollywood’s most famous western classics, and red rocks thrust into the sky across the valley. While visiting, you can tour the entire park riding along Valley Drive, a self-driven, one-way ride that stretches 17 miles. You can tour other areas of the valley too but only with a guide and you can catch a great view of the landscape from the visitor’s center. 

9. Bryce Canyon

A wonderful place for stargazing and amazing photography opportunities, Bryce Canyon in Utah has the largest collection of hoodoos in the world. Unique rock formations that have developed over time, hoodoos have a very distinct appearance that makes Bryce Canyon a one-of-a-kind destination. The canyon is full of wildlife, caves, and trails that make it an ideal spot for an outdoor explorer. 

10. The Great Salt Lake

Just a short drive from Salt Lake City is the Great Salt Lake. The largest inland lake west of the Mississippi River, the Great Salt Lake is 72 miles long and up to 50 feet deep in some places. Visitors can enjoy bath beaches and a recreational park on the south end of the lake and because the salt content of the lake is so high, bathers can float on the water without sinking. 

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