This Award-Winning Actress Slammed Delta Airlines
Photo Credit: Etihad 777 flight

Photo Credit: Etihad 777 flight

This Award-Winning Actress Slammed Delta Airlines

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Nov 7, 2022

Emmy Award-winning actress Sheryl Lee Ralph took to Twitter recently to share with her 272 thousand followers her disappointing experience with a Delta Airlines employee earlier this week.

Four Minutes Late

In a clip from her Twitter account from Yahoo, Ralph shared what happened to her on the way to check her bags.

“I went to the airline — you know, the one I’m a three million miler on — to check my bags and I was four minutes late because they need 45 minutes to check you in,” she explained. “And the woman said there is absolutely nothing we can do for you.”

Ralph was shocked at how the Delta employee was treating her and said she’s “checked in on flights later than this” and couldn’t believe what she was going through for just being four minutes late.

Be Kinder

As Ralph expressed her frustrations she took the time out to tell her followers how to handle these types of inconveniences.

“I was just saying that in these days and times, be kinder, just be nicer because you just never know,” she added.

Ralph eventually found a solution and took another flight on a rival airline.

American Airlines (Newsroom)

“Anyway, I just bought my ticket on American Airlines, and we’ll be flying now,” she said. “Thank you, God bless you, and be well.”

And of course, social media had their own opinions on the matter, one of those followers was comedian Wanda Sykes, “I’ve said it before…Delta’s motto should be, “We will leave your [expletive]”

Others defended the airline in this matter stating, “As someone who works in the airline industry, there’s a reason you have to be on time for check-in, EVEN if it is just 4 minutes. There’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes than just “checking in”. So please be kind enough to understand that.”

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