Adventure Parks To Waterfalls: Must-Visit Attractions In Koh Rong, Cambodia
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Adventure Parks To Waterfalls: Must-Visit Attractions In Koh Rong, Cambodia

Koh Rong , Cambodia
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Travel Noire Jan 29, 2019

While Koh Rong does not have much to offer when it comes historical monuments, hundreds of thousands of tourists still end up here annually. That can only mean that there is something extraordinary about this place. What many people don’t know is that Koh Rong is one place that will forever change you. From amazing natural wonders to museums and a few historical attractions, your vacation package is complete plus hotels here are quite affordable. Regardless of why you are in Koh Rong or how long you plan on staying, you cannot go without visiting our hand-picked spots.

Sok San waterfall

This is the biggest waterfall in Koh Rong. It is a fantastic place to be and enjoy the sweet melody of thousands of liters of water thundering down the rocky steep. This has been quite an attraction for tourists, and according to locals, it is better to enjoy this incredible natural sight during the rainy season when there is a lot of water. Surrounded by nature, you will also get the opportunity to listen and see some of the rarest bird species. It’s also an excellent place to get lost in since the ambiance provides a relaxed mood that you can use to think.

High Point Adventure Park

The Koh Rong jungle is made up of very tall trees. This place has been modified to be a fun place and so far, it is one of the must-visit spots in Koh Rong. Touring the park will introduce you to a different side of Koh Rong and some of its local villages. There are also lots of fun things to do here including having to balance on a rope 25 meters away from the ground. With the help of the guides, you can explore the whole of this park within a single day. The type of environment you expect to find in any forest is what you will find here including the mind relaxing melody of nature.

The first marine national park in Cambodia

It is good to know that the first ever marine park in Cambodia was built in Koh Rong. Consisting of seven islands, the park provides the perfect setting for exploring the aquatic life. If you happen to visit Koh Rong, you will realize that most of the tour and travel agencies are doing much in advertising the incredible marine life that is available here. While still exploring the marine park, you are most likely to come across one of the most spectacular artificial coral reefs.

Luminous plankton

One of the most spectacular things that you will see in Koh Rong, Cambodia are the glowing blue planktons. They light up the isolated ocean at night, the most amazing natural sight you have ever seen.

Without seeing any of the places mentioned above, then you should know that you are no better than someone who has never visited Koh Rong, Cambodia. Additionally, you should make sure that you try some of the local and traditional foods here at least. That way maybe you can count your visit to Koh Rong.

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