Best Things to do in Mahé, Seychelles
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Best Things to do in Mahé, Seychelles

Seychelles , Mahé
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Travel Noire Jan 19, 2019

Once you reach Mahé, the most developed and largest of the Seychelles islands, the vibrant energy of this blue and green paradise greets you with the promise of an exciting adventure. But it can be hard to find the most worthy activities to pack into a single stay when you have so many options. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up what you can do to have a distinctly Seychelles trip to remember for a lifetime.

Try your hand at fishing

Sure, you can find a spot to fish just about anywhere, but Seychelles is the perfect place. Not only do you get to spend the time outdoors basking in the beautiful sun and scenery, but you get to expose yourself to a wide variety of catches. Indeed, the fish available cover a wide range, and you’re unlikely to find much crossover with other spots around the world.

It’s best to start this activity by getting in contact with the local Fishing Authority to coordinate when and how to do your favorite fishing with the assistance of Seychelles operators. With the relaxed atmosphere, you’ll love a low-key session of fly fishing while sipping a cocktail.

Take a hike

Just as with fishing, you can take a hike anywhere. Sometimes it’s not what you do, and where you do it. Taking a guided tour at Jardin du Roi is ideal.

The flora and fauna native to Mahe Island are diverse and unique, to say the least. With misty forests full of wonder and mystery, you’ll discover such exclusive specimens as the pitcher plant, one of the world’s strangest carnivorous plants.

Visit the Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market

Nearly 200 years old, the Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market is a national icon. Victorian architecture meets natural grandeur in a market devoted to the freshest of fruit, meat, vegetables, and fish. There are also tons of spices, which is a particularly excellent chance to grab something light and extra fresh to bring back home. Unlike many tourist-frequented markets around the world, it is also very relaxed and casual, ensuring it won’t introduce any unwanted stress to your getaway.

Relive a bygone time at the disco

If you’d like to let loose and enjoy a blast from the past (at least, to those coming from countries where discotheques have been replaced by less fanciful clubs), consider a visit to Katiolo. Perfect for those seeking a unique nightlife experience, Katiolo is a one-of-a-kind open-air nightclub with a Creole flair and a casual atmosphere. That said, the events they host do range at times, so plan your visit for whatever appeals to you.

Old classic disco hits mingle with modern international hits and local favorites. All are presented with exceptional Creole hospitality and delicious house drinks. There are also nearby casinos if you’d like to try your luck or soak in nightlife in a little more relaxed environment. It’s a perfect way to add a little life to an otherwise low-key and relaxing vacation.

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