Florence, Italy Restaurants: Best Local Cuisine
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Florence, Italy Restaurants: Best Local Cuisine

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Travel Noire Jan 25, 2019

Having made several entries in the world’s history, Italy is one of the most spectacular places on earth. An excellent example of one of the must-visit places in Italy is the city of Florence. Statistics has it that, the city of Florence holds about one-third of the world’s history. More so, some of the most known people in the world like Leonardo Da Vinci and the great Pinocchio; the wooden boy whose nose grew when he lies is from Florence.

Being rich in culture and history, Florence has some of the most spectacular delicacies in the world. According to experts, Italian food is one of the major attractions for tourists. That is because chefs in Italy are highly ranked and their recipes respected. That is why you will realize that some of the recipes existing in the world were made by some of the famous chefs from Italy; some of the typical Florentine dishes that you must try include;

Truffle Gnocchi and Bistecca Alla Fiorentina

You will discover some of the best meals you have ever tasted in the world in Florentine. With exceptional traditional delicacies like Truffle Gnocchi, visiting Florentine will change your perception of good food. Served with gorgonzola cheese and truffle seasoning, Truffle Gnocchi will leave you thinking about the next time you will have it again. Bistecca Alla Fiorentina is another type of Florentine traditional dishes that you must try especially if you are not a vegetarian. It is a particular type of steak from a local Chianina cow. Each side of the steak is cooked for about 4 minutes and served with four inches thick T-bone slab of meat.


This is a typical type of dish in Florence, and you are most likely to see it being sold to tourists on the streets. However, there are secrets to finding a good gelato. First of all, you should avoid people selling you a big pile of brightly colored gelato. And here’s a little-known fact, the best type of gelato is said to be made by an expert who would instead focus on quality than quantity. You should even know that the color of gelato is not conspicuous like the ones you are most likely to see in the streets of Florence City.


If you are looking for one of the oldest food in the history of Florence is the Lampredotto. Prepared from thin slices of intestines, which is boiled in broth and seasoned, this meal can be served on either a plate or in a sandwich. You can also have it with spiced red sauce or herbal green sauce. Lampredotto can also be ordered with wet bread. A taste of this is most likely to give your mouth a feeling you have never felt before.

Nothing beats a good tasting meal that you are putting in your mouth for the first time. In Florence, there so many mind-blowing recipes that date back to the traditional times. Today, chefs have modified some of these recipes to give you mouth a whole different experience.


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