Croatia, Dubrovnik: Best Local Cuisine
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Croatia, Dubrovnik: Best Local Cuisine

Dubrovnik , Croatia
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Travel Noire Jan 25, 2019

Dubrovnik is one of the must-visit places for tourists in Croatia. Being one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites since 1979, the major attractions in Dubrovnik is the old town and the surrounding city wall. With such rich historical background, Dubrovnik provides the perfect vacation destination for any tourist who wants to explore Croatia.

To add on the beauty of this place, Dubrovnik has the best to offer when it comes to hosting visitors from across the world. Having a taste of the traditional food here is one of the ways of exploring this city. With several worldwide recognized recipes, some of the foods you must taste are just below.

Black Risotto

Dubrovnik has an exceptional cuisine of amazing foods that have been in existence for hundreds of years. It’s also important to know that no meal in Dubrovnik is taken without the right wine, so you need to prepare yourself for a different type of diet. An example of a dish you won’t miss in any restaurant in Dubrovnik is the black risotto which is mainly squid and other kinds of seafood together. The dish is black due to ink from the squid and is best served with a distinctive white wine from Lumbarda.

Zelena Menestra

This is perhaps one of the oldest ever written recipes dating back to the 15th Century. Translated from the words green stew, Zelena Menestra is prepared using three main ingredients namely meat, potatoes and cabbage. It is one of the oldest meals that have been served by thousands of families in Dubrovnik.


This is also another excellent example of an ancient recipe that dates back to the 25th century. The meal takes at least two days to prepare. The beef is stuffed with herbs and then left to marinate overnight. It is then roasted for hours and can be served pasta or gnocchi.


Rozata is a very famous desert among the people of Dubrovnik. It is most likely the desert you will be served while here. It has a secret recipe, and this rum is typically added to this pudding to give it a touch of unique taste when it lands in your mouth.


It’s important to know that there are so many olives in Dubrovnik that it is impossible to leave without having some. More so, olives are served with other types of dishes in Dubrovnik. You’ll also want to watch out for olive oil as it is known to have numerous health benefits.

While Croatia is one of the world’s most known countries after their magnificent performance in the 2018 world cup, you should know that Dubrovnik used to be more popular than Croatia thanks to its wealthy historical background. Today, millions of tourists from across the world make their way to Croatia annually with their final destination being Dubrovnik. That is why Dubrovnik can sometimes be flooded with an abundance of tourist activities, but the good thing is, the amount of things to do will fill any travel itinerary for days on end.

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