These 7 Ice Bars Around The World Take Chilling Out To Another Level
Photo Credit: Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

Photo Credit: Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

These 7 Ice Bars Around The World Take Chilling Out To Another Level

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Oct 18, 2021

Call it a sip and chill. There’s something cool about being able to enjoy your old fashioned or a pint of beer in a unique environment, and it doesn’t get more unique than an ice bar.

The allure of these places is in the absurdity; why go to cities like Toronto or Stockholm in the dead of winter, and put put yourself in an environment where you’ll experience more cold? There isn’t any rhyme or reason, people just do it.

Even if the concept isn’t your thing, it’s hard not to admire the craftsmanship and engineering that go into building a bar out of ice, and making sure it doesn’t melt. Ice bars attract young adults, adventure seekers, families (during select hours), and tourists who might not be able to have the experience back home.

If you have the chance to visit an ice lounge at least once in life, it’ll make for some great photos and memories. Here are seven ice bars around the world to check out.

1. Chill Ice House

Photo courtesy of Chill Ice House

Toronto’s Chill Ice House offers your standard bar area that is kept at normal temperature. You can dive into your childhood by playing an on site game of Mario Kart.

Inside the actual ice bar, relive your college days with a round of beer pong and other games.

Snap photos while stretched out on the ice furniture, which are covered with blankets and cushions to keep you reasonably comfortable.

2. Glacier Ice Bar and Lounge

Photo courtesy of The Sagamore Resort

If the Adirondacks aren’t cold enough for you in the winter, and you’re a guest of The Sagamore Resort, give this spot a visit.

According to the resort’s website, this facility was crafted using “18,000 pounds of crystal clear ice.” The bar offers top shelf liquor, as well as wine, beer and non-alcoholic drinks.

Aside from sitting at the bar itself, you can rent an igloo in two hour increments, and check out ice carving demonstrations on Friday and Saturday nights.

3. Mehanata

Photo courtesy of Pulsd

Lively Bulgarian Mehanata has been around for over 20 years, and takes pride in being one of the “loudest, most outrageous, and plain crazy night clubs in New York.”

You just might catch a celebrity there; it is lower Manhattan, after all.

When you need a break from the dance floor, check out the Ice Cage. You’re obligated to wear the military uniform provided (this is done to make the vodka drinking experience more authentic, and to keep you warm). Then you face the challenge of doing five shots in two minutes.

When you’re done, you can “victoriously smash the ice glass on your helmet,” or run to the bathroom to deal with your regrets.

4. Minus 5

Photo credit: Mirco Hunziker

Minus 5 is the perfect place to chill out in Las Vegas. In fact, the bar has three locations in Sin City.

There are mocktails, juices, and sodas available for folks who can’t or don’t want to drink alcohol, and a photographer on site can capture the special moments.

Once you put on the gloves and coat, you’re “transported into a winter wonderland of interactive ice architecture, while sipping the coolest beverages from glasses made entirely of ice.”

In addition to just going on a regular day, you can also rent the place out for special occasions and corporate events.

5. Amsterdam Ice Bar

Photo credit: Pavel Danilyuk

When it comes to open-minded cities, Amsterdam has to be in the top five. It’s an exciting and friendly place, and the ice bar here has great reviews.

Enjoy a Heineken, a Sambuca, or four varieties of vodka shots: nuts and nougat, whipped cream, white vodka, and coconut vodka. You’re given tokens in advance to purchase these.

If you need to warm up, there’s a lounge on site with another bar, offering a broader selection of drinks.

6. Ice Bar Melbourne

Photo credit: Heart Rules

When down under, head over to the Ice Bar in Melbourne, billed as “the coolest place in town.”

The standard entry price is $39 for an adult, which includes a cocktail and the winter gear. You can add on additional drinks and shots for a separate cost.

7. Ice Bar Stockholm

Photo courtesy of Hotel C Stockholm

Of course, Sweden would have an ice bar, and this one is located in Hotel C in Stockholm.

According to Trip Savvy, “all of the interior components including the glasses, are made of pure, clear ice from the Torne River in Northern Sweden.”

It’s open throughout the year and online reservations are highly recommended.

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