These Cities Require Proof Of Vaccination For Indoor Activities, Bars, And Restaurants
Photo Credit: Mustafa Omar

Photo Credit: Mustafa Omar

These Cities Require Proof Of Vaccination For Indoor Activities, Bars, And Restaurants

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay Aug 25, 2021

Many U.S. major cities are now requiring proof of vaccination for indoor places that attract large crowds. This includes most activities that take place in enclosed spaces such as gymnasiums, bars, and restaurants.

If visitors don’t have proof of vaccination, they will likely be turned away by most business owners within specific metropolitan cities.

San Francisco has already been very steadfast about protecting their homeowners, families, and young residents because they were one of the first cities to go on lockdown and require face masks in 2020. The city is looking to remain fully open, that way the economic losses can be recovered and people can go back to living a more fast-paced lifestyle.

As you begin to plan out any fall trips or fun in your home city, we want to keep you up-to-date on the cities now requiring proof of vaccination for indoor spaces. Here they are.

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1. San Francisco

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In early August, San Francisco became the first city in the United States to mandate full proof of vaccination for its residents and incoming tourists, for indoor activities. T

his includes various indoor restaurants, bars, gyms, and stores across the Northern California city.

As early as August 3rd, local business owners were hanging up signage at their storefronts declaring that visitors must be vaccinated in order to enter their locations.

The citywide policy is to help regulate the spread of COVID-19, and the new rules impact people who are 12 years old or older that have yet to receive their coronavirus vaccine.

2. New Orleans

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On August 16th, New Orleans followed suit with the vaccine mandates and have decided to require vaccine proof for indoor events and large-scale outdoor events that have more than 500 people and the venue is being used over 50%.

3. New York City

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The New York City vaccine mandate will also go in effect on August 16th. This is to assist with lowering the risk of the COVID-19 disease from spreading, and NYC is the first city to mandate one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to enter indoor spaces.


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