These Are The Best Destinations For Black Travelers This October 2022
Photo Credit: Dann Tardif

Photo Credit: Dann Tardif

These Are The Best Destinations For Black Travelers This October 2022

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Sep 22, 2022

October is near and many are considering the most exciting, best destinations for Black travelers this October. October has many perks for the traveler looking to indulge in fall destinations, spooky Halloween-style vacations or an overdue sunny getaway. Whatever you’re looking for, Black travels have a wide range of options this October 2022.

This list shines light on where to keep on your October bucket-list for a safe, enjoyable and accessible October trip. We’ve also kept in mind locations that have a majority-Black population or diaspora so to encourage community and general feelings of security and enjoyment. This is the Travel Noire list sharing the best destinations for Black travelers this October. We hope October is full of the magic that only a flight can promise…

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Credit: Harry Cunningham

If you’re after desert wildness, adventure, and some of the most out-of-this-world views this October, then Namibia is a good spot for you. From the scorched Namib desert to the endless coastal sites, Namibia is a country full of contrasts. With consistent sun in October, it works as a great destination for winter sun and adventure. Namibia is also home to the Etosha pan, the largest endorheic salt pan. It is located in the North of the country and is a wonderful tourist attraction for the whole family to enjoy.

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Looking to go overseas and experience Halloween in a larger-than-life city? Amsterdam might just be for you. The city has a 5-day-long celebration in the city center, encouraging all to get dressed up and join in the festivities. It is also no longer the high season and so offers visitors a less-crowded chance to explore the city.

Even if you’re not into the Halloween season, October is a good time to visit Amsterdam. Crisp weather, autumnal colors, some of the best pastries made with warm flavors – bike riding through Amsterdam couldn’t be more aesthetic than in October.

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Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan | Vernon Raineil Cenzon | Unsplash

Taipei is often described as a living museum. If you’re looking to explore a truly exciting Asian city this October, then Taipei and its eclectic streets might be one to watch.

Taipei, a weird and wonderful destination, is known for not being as crowded a city as neighboring tourist destinations in the region. October is an especially ideal time to visit because it is low season and even less crowded. Travelers are drawn to Taipei for its lowkey though bursting cultural scene.

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Credit: The Snapper

Botswana is an ideal choice for anyone hoping to indulge in some lesser-traveled safari destinations. The government’s “low impact, high experience” mandate is also a hugely attractive point for many travelers.  If you ask us, Botswana has serious potential to be one of the top safari destinations. Black travelers hoping to experience a safari like never before should choose Botswana instead of the go-to Kenyan or Tanzanian choices. Since tourism quietens down in the fall, October is a great time to visit this much-loved African country.

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Guyana is growing in popularity and is a country known for its gushing waterfalls and greenery. In October, the South American country, teeming with culture and natural wonders, attracts many tourists. From ruins, to day trips to the waterfalls and even bustling markets, Guyana is a country with hidden treasures. Lovers of Caribbean culture should put Guyana on the top of their list in October.

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Austin, Texas

Carlos Alfonso

What can we say, Austin is a grand city to visit year-round, but we couldn’t help but add it to the list for October. Travelers hoping to enjoy the capital of Texas in the fall are in for a treat, or maybe a lovable trick? Austin is sure to impress foodies and those into quirky art scenes. In October, Austin hosts the Austin City Limits festival and is a promising spot for some of the most creative cocktail spots in the country.

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