These Are The Best And Worst Ethnically Diverse Cities In The U.S., According To WalletHub
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

These Are The Best And Worst Ethnically Diverse Cities In The U.S., According To WalletHub

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Sep 15, 2022

Are you living in an ethnically diverse city? WalletHub recently released its 2022 report on the Most & Least Ethnically Diverse Cities. 

WalletHub compared over 500 of the largest cities across the U.S. on their ethnoracial diversity, birthplace diversity, and linguistic diversity. 

When asked what the main benefits of living in an ethnically diverse area are, Jonathan Y. Okamura, Professor Emeritus, UH Mānoa, Hawai’i says, “In such an environment, one has regular opportunities to meet and interact with people from a range of racial and ethnic groups and to develop friendships with some of them.”

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Okamura goes on to say, “An ethnically diverse city enables one to learn about culture and traditions different from one’s own and to teach one’s children about appreciating and respecting culture and people who are different from them.”

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What the report found

Oakland, California has the highest racial and ethnic diversity. Hialeah, Florida had the least amount. 95.75 percent of Hialeah’s population are Hispanic or Latino. 

Greenville, Mississippi has the highest concentration of Black residents, at 83.23 percent. Parkersburg, West Virginia, has the highest amount of white people, at 94.09 perfect. 

Most ethnically diverse cities:

  1. Jersey City, NJ
  2. Germantown, MD
  3. Gaithersburg, MD
  4. Silver Spring, MD
  5. Spring Valley, NV
  6. New York, NY
  7. Kent, WA
  8. San Jose, CA
  9. Oakland, CA
  10. Rockville, MD

Least ethnically diverse cities:

  1. Laconia, NH
  2. Butte-Silver Bow, MT
  3. Barre, VT
  4. Watertown, SD
  5. Rutland, VT
  6. Wheeling, WV
  7. Laredo, TX
  8. Hialeah, FL
  9. Clarksburg, WV
  10. Parkersburg, WV

View the full report here.

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