Some desserts are worth a flight or train journey. From the U.S. to Australia, you can get them anywhere in the world. Whether you like cakes, puddings or cupcakes, there’s something for all tastes.

Satisfy your sweet tooth by visiting the following destinations.


French food may not appeal to everyone, but the pastries are top tier. You won’t have to look long before you stumble on a pâtisserie, especially in Paris. Macarons, pain au chocolat, crème brûlée and galette de rois are all delicious.


Some top Italian desserts include gelato, tiramisu and a variety of biscotti. If you’re in Puglia, try the torta di limone e olio, which is lemon olive oil cake. This area produces a high percentage of Italy’s olive oil. When the dessert is well made, the result is fluffy, light and the perfect blend of sweet and tangy.

New York City

Since NYC has every kind of cuisine, there are plenty of dessert choices. Try the chocolate pizza at Max Brenner, the mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa’s, or the banana Nutella cake from Little Cupcake Bakeshop. If you’re in midtown, order the signature cookie skillet from The Liberty NYC. It’s the best dessert on the menu, which comes with vanilla ice cream.


One thing Germany is known for is its baked goods. Try Käsekuchen (cheesecake), Apfelkuchen (apple cake) and Bienenstich, or “Bee Sting” cake. Aside from Berlin, other cities, such as Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt, have plenty of shops and eateries serving desserts.


Godiva and Neuhaus are arguably the most famous chocolate brands in Belgium. Aside from this, try the waffles. Maison Dandoy and Peck 47 are two of the many spots in Brussels known for their waffles.