The "Summer of Travel Hell"Gave Way To A Less Chaotic Fall
Photo Credit: Photo by Pascal Meier

Photo Credit: Photo by Pascal Meier

The "Summer of Travel Hell"Gave Way To A Less Chaotic Fall

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Oct 6, 2022

This summer has been one for the history books when it comes to travel. After two years of restrictions, scores of people were determined to hop on a plane to another state or country. Long lines caused frustration at airports. There were scores of misplaced bags. Flights were canceled and there were staff shortages. Fights on planes added to the pandemonium. The pleasure of travel didn’t seem like much of a pleasure at all.

However, experts have revealed to expect a smoother fall travel season.

The creator of Scott’s Cheap Flights, Scott Keyes says, “looking back on the summer, you’ve had a couple of big holiday travel periods. You had Memorial Day when air travel went terribly. There were widespread delays and cancellations that turned into a nightmare for many folks traveling. And then you had July Fourth weekend, when there was minimal travel disruption.”

“But, with fewer travelers,you’re going to have less strain on the system.”

Kathleen Bangs, a representative for FlightAware says, “airlines pared down their summer schedules by about 15%, which is one of the main reasons the numbers of delays and cancellations haven’t been higher.”

She notes that just over “50,000 flights were dropped from the fall schedules of US carriers.” American Airlines alone dropped over 30,000 of them.

As children prepare to go back to school, the demand on air travel will lessen.

Bangs notes, “travel should be optimal during September through October as demand drops. So there is not the same level of stress on the heavy airline schedules we saw over the summer.”

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