Textured Waves: The Surf Collective Inviting More Women of Color To The Water
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Textured Waves: The Surf Collective Inviting More Women of Color To The Water

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jul 20, 2020

Textured Waves was created by four women who felt women of color were underrepresented in the water.

The Surf Collective was started in 2019 and strives to bring integrity, inclusion, and representation on the water.

“Our fast-growing community is a true testament that it is time to ‘sea’ us,” a statement reads on the blog. “Women of color on surfboards. Women of color diving. Women of color water photographers. Women of color living dynamic aquatic lifestyles.”

Right now the four founders, are working on a short film series titled, “Sea Us Now,” which is underwritten by women’s surf and swimwear company Seea.

The short film was inspired by African American beach culture and vintage surf culture. 

“The film was a storyline that I developed a few years ago,” Woody told Forbes in an interview. “It’s based on the historical imagery you see of surfing. Just by sharing [our own] imagery, we hope folks will question who they have seen in these spaces and why we don’t see a ton of Black beach culture images. [The film] is a beautiful visual of what we can imagine for ourselves.”

And while the organization’s main goal is to change the narrative behind Black women participating in water sports, the group hopes to open the doors for Black youth and aquatics.

“Black children are five times more likely to drown than white children, according to the CDC,” Black Lyons said.

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