Rosé Revolution: Where To Taste The Best Rosé In The World
Photo Credit: Thomas Barwick | Getty Images

Photo Credit: Thomas Barwick | Getty Images

Rosé Revolution: Where To Taste The Best Rosé In The World

France , Italy , Spain
Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Oct 25, 2019

Rosé wines have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. Some attribute this to social media and how well a pink glass photographs poolside. However, no matter the trend, rosé is in high demand across the globe. If you are looking for a rosé-fueled vacation, here are some of the most popular regions in the world.

Provence, France

Some of the best rosé in the world comes out of Provence. In this region, rosé is not just a drink, but a way of life. Rosé wines from Provence are not big, brash, fruity wines, but meant to be crisp and versatile.

Located on the French Riviera, Provence is also an excellent vacation spot with breathtaking beaches, decadent food, and legendary people watching.

Provence, France | Freddie Marriage | Unsplash

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Tavel, Rhône Valley, France

Head here to try a dry rosé. Due to longer skin contact, Tavel wines achieve greater color and depth of red fruity flavor.

Tavel is best known for its wines, so a trip here will be mostly fueled by tastings overlooking the rolling French countryside.

Navarra, Spain

In Spain, rosé is called rosado and rosé from Navarra, Spain has made the region famous. According to, producers turn out both poolside sippers and more complex, food-appropriate expressions.

Navarra is a medieval Basque kingdom, so be sure to explore the castles and ancient architecture that define this town.

Navarro, Spain | Jose Cortés | Unsplash

Rioja, Spain

Most rosé producers boast wine that is young in age. But in Rioja, Spain rosé follows the classic aging rules in oak barrels. A visit to this region means tasting rosé that has aged for months to years.

Located in Spain’s Basque region just south of Bilbao and San Sebastian lies Rioja. Explore medieval villages and stroll through vineyards lined with olive trees and twisting vines.

Puglia, Italy

In the south of Italy, rosé or rosados are fuller-bodied and flavored, similar to the region’s food. Native grapes can be found in Puglia for unforgettable tastings as well as breathtaking scenery.

A few days in Puglia means glassfuls of wine, a slow pace, stunning beaches, and great food. With year-round sunny weather, you can spend all day strolling through the authentic villages overlooking the coast.

Puglia, Italy | Carlos Hevia | Unsplash

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Veneto, Italy

You’ll find more delicate versions produced in the cooler northeast around Veneto, Italy. According to, chiaro means “light” or “pale” and evokes the dry style of the wine based on the Corvina grape.

Other than its wine, Veneto is known for its canals. Enjoy the romanticism of this beautiful town that mixes history and charm.

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