A New Survey Reveals That Americans Are Experiencing Extreme Travel Withdrawals
Photo Credit: People Images | Getty Images

Photo Credit: People Images | Getty Images

A New Survey Reveals That Americans Are Experiencing Extreme Travel Withdrawals

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Aug 21, 2020

A new report by American Express reveals that U.S. travelers are experiencing extreme travel withdrawals during the COVID-19 pandemic. The withdrawals are so intense that many travelers are emotionally distraught.

According to the Amex Trendex report, almost half of the travelers surveyed have reported feeling anxious and stressed because they are unable to travel. 78 percent of those surveyed revealed that travel is one of the activities they’re most looking forward to. 

Despite missing travel, ten percent of those surveyed say they will travel during Labor Day weekend while 20 percent says they’re planning to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday. 

When borders reopen and we’re allowed to travel again, 67 percent of those surveyed said they will feel more comfortable traveling with people they live with or have been quarantined with. Of those surveyed, 61 percent say they would pay more for a plane or train ticket that leaves every other seat vacant. 

Based on the information gathered from the survey, it is predicted that last-minute travel booking will become normal. For example, 62 percent of hotel bookings were made within two weeks of travel this year compared to 48 percent during this time last year. 

The survey also found that group travel is preferred over solo traveling and travelers prioritize cleanliness now when choosing accommodations and flights. 

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