There are Caribbean carnivals, and there’s Sugar Mas at St. Kitts and Nevis. While this isn’t the official name, it has been used by locals and promoters.

Here’s a brief rundown of this high-energy, cultural event.

The Biggest Event in St. Kitts and Nevis

If you’re looking to party in the Caribbean on a grand scale, “Sugar Mas” may be for you.

The schedule is packed with back-to-back events that stretch on for weeks. There’s calypso shows, masquerades, talent pageants and a variety of fêtes that will test your stamina. Similar to other carnivals, Sugar Mas draws from multiple cultures.

Sugar Mas earned its name because The National Carnival Committee decided “St. Kitts and Nevis Carnival” lacked imagination. The former chairman of the committee, Clement ‘Monarch’ O’Garro, was inspired by how other islands titled their carnivals.

“They all had a brand,” he told Loop News. “Grenada has Spice Mas, there was Vincy Mas in St. Vincent and I was like, ‘you know everybody says carnival, what do we have that’s unique?’ And it just came to me, ‘Sugar Mas’.”

When is the Event Held?

Gear up for a trip to the dual-island nation, whether alone or with friends. The party is from Dec.15 to Jan. 2.

Whether you’re part of the festivities, or just a spectator, you’re encouraged to dive headfirst into the fun. This slogan is “All in with your crew for Sugar Mas 52.”

Try to secure your accommodations as soon as possible, as the hotels, resorts and villas will likely fill up fast.