Studying Abroad Could Land You More Money, According To Survey

By Parker Diakite


Learning a new language, exploring different cultures, and meeting new people are just some reasons why students choose to study abroad.


If you haven’t been convinced just yet to take your education overseas, then you may want to reconsider. A recent survey found that studying abroad could land you more money in your paycheck.


Hostelworld, an online hostel-booking platform, conducted an online survey via Survata of more than 1,000 people this past August.


Results from the “Employability and Study Abroad Survey,” revealed that more than 40 percent of employers surveyed would consider offering a higher salary to a candidate who studied abroad.


In addition, the survey found that nearly a third of individuals responsible for hiring are actively seeking candidates who studied abroad, and a quarter of participants said they are more likely to hire a recent graduate that has traveled abroad over another candidate with equal academic qualifications.


“It’s a tough time for young travelers in college,” Cathy Thomson, global head of customer experience for Hostelworld, said. “We conducted this study to educate college students on how traveling abroad could set them apart from other applicants.”


According to Thomson, candidates who spend time overseas bring skills such as cultural awareness, the ability to adapt to new situations, and an understanding of global business, to the table.


If you’ve now become interested in studying abroad, the study found that Hong Kong, London, Paris or Mexico City were the most popular among hiring personnel.


“Studying abroad offers a unique opportunity for students to continue their classroom educations, while learning from other cultures and communities,” said Stuart Priday, chief human resources officer with Hostelworld.  “This new, global perspective helps students develop both personally and professionally, and is proven to make them more employable down the road. So why shouldn’t students get out and meet the world?”

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Parker Diakite

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