Stevie J. Says He Was Kicked Off A Delta Flight For Being Black
Photo Credit: Paras Griffin

Photo Credit: Paras Griffin

Stevie J. Says He Was Kicked Off A Delta Flight For Being Black

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Dec 16, 2021

Record producer and reality TV star Stevie J. made headlines last week after a video posted on social media showed him and his son getting kicked off a Delta Air Lines flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta. It happened on Dec. 10.

Stevie J.— real name Steven Jordan— allegedly ignored the airline staff’s warning to not bring outside alcohol onboard the aircraft. Now, he claims he was kicked off the flight for being Black, and that this situation wouldn’t have happened to a white person.

According to Jordan, a Delta employee asked him and his son to throw the drinks away. He initially disagreed with the request, but said he and Stevie II eventually did what was requested. As they were proceeding down the bridge, ten people came ‘running up on his son.’ He claims there were between 10 and 15 cops waiting for them outside the bridge.

Kicked off of their original flight for being unruly, once the incident was controlled, the father and son were allowed to fly to their destination.

Stevie J. tells media outlets that he and his son were victims of racial profiling.

“I never had a problem like that ever in my life. The cops wouldn’t have done this to a white person.”

In an interview with TMZ, Stevie said his publicist has received a phone call from Delta. But, he is considering suing over the incident.

Travel Noire has reached out to Delta Air Lines for a statement on the Dec. 10 claims from Stevie J. We will update this story with their response.

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