The Best Places to Stay In Florence, Italy
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Photo Credit: TN

The Best Places to Stay In Florence, Italy

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Travel Noire Jan 31, 2019

Even though you may only be visiting Florence for just a couple of days, you should no doubt still find the perfect place to indulge in a bit of rest and relaxation, no matter the length of your stay. So whether you’re looking for a grand hotel or a low-key apartment to rent, know that you have three top choices as far as a place to call a temporary home. 

The historical center

This is the perfect location for you to stay if exploring is what brought you to Florence. Being a small city, staying at the historical center will give you the best opportunity to visit most of the attraction sites. You should know that while here, your primary means of movement will be walking because it’s about 30 minutes to walk from one end of the center to the other. If you are planning for a short visit to Florence, living here is the best way for you to make your short visit worth it.

Outside the historical center

While staying in the historical center sounds like a buzz of activities, you can opt to live outside the center. One of the main reasons why you might want to stay outside the center is if you have a car. You should know that the historical center is off limits for vehicles. Another good reason why you would want to stay outside the historical center is if you would like to spend less on your stay. The rates of staying in the historic center are pretty high because of all the fascinating things that you will have access to. You should, know that staying outside the center provides you with an excellent opportunity to interact and learn from the locals. Don’t forget that there are good hotels outside the center as well.

In the hills around Florence

If you would like a quiet place filled with nature, then the hills will provide you with the best environment. The lodgings in the hills are perfect for car owners thanks to the fact that they have space and parking lot. Living in the hills gives you the advantage of staying in the city but avoiding all the noise and disturbance that come with it. At the hills, you are at the perfect location because not only will you be able to access the city but also the rest of Tuscany. The environmental conditions at the hills also make it convenient for families with children. With more outdoor activities including swimming, staying in the hills is only suitable if you are visiting for a while.

Depending on what you want as far as staying in Florence is concerned, you need to know that you should choose the area you want to stay carefully. Realize that there are places where cars are restricted so you might want to consider the type of environment you want rather than randomly selecting a place and end up complaining later. How long you want to visit should also play a significant role in helping decide where you want to stay.

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