Chicago Native Killed In Tragic Accident During Miami Spring Break
Photo Credit: Facebook/Mariah Michelle Logan

Photo Credit: Facebook/Mariah Michelle Logan

Chicago Native Killed In Tragic Accident During Miami Spring Break

Victoria M. Walker
Victoria M. Walker Mar 21, 2019

Mariah Michelle Logan, a 23-year-old woman from Chicago, was struck by a car and killed while heading back to the airport after three days of spring break partying with friends in Miami.

According to the Miami Herald, she was “hanging out” of the right rear passenger window, as she yelled “bye Miami.” Then she flew out of after the driver changed lanes, landing on the highway. She was hit by a car and killed. Now authorities are looking for the driver of the vehicle, a male in a Range Rover, who fled the scene after the crash. 

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Her friends left only with memories.

“I’m still grieving,” said Kenyatta Burch, Logan’s friend told the Herald. “I lost my best friend, my sister. Blood cannot make us closer.”

Logan, who worked as a mental health technician in the Chicago suburbs, had traveled to Miami with Burch and two other friends. They visited the beach and partied in South Beach clubs, according to the Herald report.

“She brought energy and life. She never looked at the bad. I was told I was a special man and she made me believe it,” her boyfriend, Ray Olden, told the Herald. “We had the next five years mapped out.”

According to a journal published by University of Miami researchers, car crash fatalities at popular spring break locations like Florida, California, and Nevada are significantly higher between late February and early April. Fatalities involving drivers younger than 25 years old were far higher than deaths of older drivers, and there was a “significantly higher incidence” of traffic deaths involving out-of-state drivers.

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To make things more complicated, Burch told the Herald, Logan’s family and friends are trying to find a way to bring her body back home to Chicago.

“As if dealing with this loss and heartbreak, now we have to figure out how to send her home. It’s expensive. It’s a nightmare,” Burch said.

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