Spirit Airlines Set To Update 'Stale' Loyalty Program
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Spirit Airlines Set To Update 'Stale' Loyalty Program

Sharelle Burt
Sharelle Burt Feb 13, 2019

As travelers place their faith in Spirit Airlines more and more, they’ve decided to kick it up a notch. The budget airline is set to update its frequent flyer program and establish a loyalty program for customers.

Spirit has improved on its customer service and expanded its route network, so it is only right that they update a system that executives call “stale.” The new and improved program is still in planning stages but is set to roll out sometime this year. This loyalty program will be great since the airline listened to what passengers really want from them. Travelers asked for more time to use the miles accrued, like 12 months to be specific, and fewer mileage awards given to non-card holders. Spirit card holders currently get up to 2,500 mile awards. The cheapest award is 10,000 miles.

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Something else travelers want is the chance to use miles for awards without paying super high booking fees, some that cost more than buying the ticket. They want Spirit’s program to give users some of the perks that other airlines offer, like free full-size carry-on bags, free wifi, and upgrades of seat assignments. The perks should be allowed to share with other passengers on the reservation, like competitor Frontier Airlines, which leads to the next demand.

Spirit should let loyal travelers group their miles, or being able to share with family members. Jet Blue has a program similar called TrueBlue and other airlines like Hawaiian, British and Emirates give passengers the ability to share the wealth.

We don’t think travelers are asking for much here.

Travelers are the reason why Spirit Airlines has gained so much attention, giving them the chance to have aircraft travel to regions like the Caribbean and Latin America outside of the United States. If all the needs are met with this new program, Spirit will have more customers than they can handle.

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