Spirit Airlines Is More Popular Than The U.S. Government, Poll Finds
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Spirit Airlines Is More Popular Than The U.S. Government, Poll Finds

Victoria M. Walker
Victoria M. Walker Mar 19, 2019

While low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines consistently ranks at the bottom of consumer satisfaction, it’s still more favorable than the U.S. government or the Trump Organization.

That’s according to the Axios Harris Poll 100, which ranked the reputations of the most visible companies in the United States. The survey, in which grocery store Wegmans ranked highest, polled 18,228 Americans.

Spirit was ranked 90th for its corporate reputation. The poll found that Spirit performed poorly in nine categories such as ethics, growth, and character.

American Airlines did slightly better, coming in at 80th while Southwest, long beloved for its flexible seating and bag allotment, came in at 54th.

Spirit flyers have a good reason for their dislike. The budget airline, which has a motto of “Less Money, More Go” serves dozens of U.S. and international destinations but has been long-criticized for practices such as charging for carry-on bags and in-flight refreshments. According to a 2017 report by The Points Guy, finished dead last in on-time arrivals, customer satisfaction, cabin comfort, and its frequent flyer program.

Spirit, however, is not all bad. Travel Noire’s own Marissa Wilson is a frequent flier with Spriit and has several tips and tricks to make the experience much more comfortable.

The organization that ranked dead last, according to the Axios Harris poll? The U.S. government which ranked 100th.

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