Travel To South Africa For These Unique Experiences Found Nowhere Else In The World
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Travel To South Africa For These Unique Experiences Found Nowhere Else In The World

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jul 12, 2019

Recent statistics released by South African Tourism state that traveling within South Africa has been increased by 59% from January to April 2019. If you’re looking to pay this stunning country a visit, here are a few unique experiences to help you get the most out of your travels.

Golf Off Of A Mountain

Photo courtesy of Travel Advisor

If you enjoy golf, head to Limpopo’s Legend Golf and Safari Resorts 19th hole.

This is the world’s longest and highest Par 3.

You will be taken up to the Hanglip Mountain via a helicopter and then you’ll be able to tee off the edge of a mountain.

Drink Rooibos Tea In The Cederberg

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South Africa is the only place on earth where rooibos tea is grown naturally.

The Cederberg region is the home of rooibos and it has been harvested there since the 18th century.

Head to the Cederberg region and hike or horse ride through the rooibos fields while learning how the tea is grown.

End your trip with a tea tasting or trying rooibos-infused dishes.

Soak In An Outdoor Bathtub In A Forest

Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor

Head to Hogsback, a tiny village in the Amthole Mountains in the Eastern Cape for a stay at the Away with Fairies hostel.

Guests of this hostel are able to have a bath in an outdoor tub which hangs over the oldest forest in the country.

Don’t worry about feeling cold — the tub is heated with a donkey boiler; you just have to keep the fire lit.

Red Dunes Of The Kalahari

Photo courtesy of Xaus Lodge

This area of the Northern Cape is referred to as the “forgotten corner” of South Africa.

However, the Kalahari desert is unique because it has the largest area of unbroken sand in the world — stretching into Botswana and Namibia.

You can spot rare species such as the Cape fox, hyena, jackals, and the black manned lion while being surrounded by the beautiful red sands in this desert.

Spot Endangered African Wild Dog

Photo courtesy of African Geographic

There are about 5,000 Wild Dogs left in the world according to research.

This species is the second most endangered carnivore in Africa.

Visit key reserves for the opportunity to not only see this endangered species but also learn how to conserve them.

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