Solo Traveler Story: 'I Decided To Stop Waiting And Take The Plunge'
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Cinelli

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Cinelli

Solo Traveler Story: 'I Decided To Stop Waiting And Take The Plunge'

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Nasha Smith
Nasha Smith Jan 29, 2021

Solo traveler Cinelli has, in her words, “been traveling since birth.”  The St. Lucian native splits her time been her homeland and New York City and has developed a deeper love for travel with every passing year.

Her wanderlust has taken her to over 40 countries with plans for more adventuring post-pandemic. Lately, her jaunts have been of the solo variety, which for many can be daunting but for Cinelli has been especially liberating.

Travel Noire sat down with her for a Q&A about her first time riding solo. 

Courtesy of Cinelli

What motivated you to take your first solo trip?

“I always missed out on trips because I depended on others’ schedules and their company. I felt like I was doing myself a disservice, so I decided to stop waiting and take the plunge. I still enjoy trips with friends and loved ones, but I’m so happy and proud of myself for taking a solo trip.” 

Where did you go on your first solo trip? How did it feel? 

“I went far, far away for my first solo trip. I went to Tokyo, Japan and it was so exhilarating and worth the journey. I learned so much about myself and was able to plan my itinerary without needing to compromise with others’ wants and needs on a trip. Solo trips are incredibly fulfilling because you learn to enjoy your own company and actively find ways to make yourself happy.”

What destination has had the biggest impact on you and why? What was most memorable about that trip? 

“Israel definitely has had the biggest impact on me, specifically the city of Tel Aviv. It’s one of the few destinations I’ve returned to numerous times. Tel Aviv is one of these destinations where you feel welcomed and appreciated; plus it reminds me of home. The city is like a fusion of both places I’ve lived, Saint Lucia and NYC, a beachy destination with great nightlife. The food is definitely the most memorable. My first stop when I land in Tel Aviv is to grab some shawarma. The food is to die for!”

Courtesy of Cinelli

Where is the first place you want to solo journey to when it’s safe to do so?

“Zanzibar, Tanzania would be the first place on my next solo journey when it’s safe to do so. Although I’ve been to over 40 countries, I still haven’t made it to any in Africa as yet. I feel like I’d be able to find a bit of home in Zanzibar and something about heading to islands on the east coast of Africa sounds like heaven.” 

How have you managed to satisfy your travel bug during the pandemic?

“By making my home feel like a vacation. I’m a firm believer in being a tourist in your home country. I’ve planned several staycations and found so many new places to explore in Saint Lucia. That’s definitely made coping easier.”

Courtesy of Cinelli

What advice do you have for anyone who might be hesitant about traveling alone? 

“My advice is to avoid overthinking, close your eyes, and book the trip of your lifetime. It may be intimidating at first, but once you get over that hump, you become unstoppable. You get to spend time with yourself, learn so much about your likes and dislikes, and make connections with new people and experiences.”

Follow along as Cinelli travels the world via her Instagram page. 

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