Brrrrrr it’s cold down hurr. The South was recently hit with consistent rain, sleet, and some occasional snow showers, experiencing power outages and flight cancellations, according to HuffPost.

Southeastern states like Virginia and North Carolina received severe snow storm over the weekend. The National Weather Service predicted up to 12 inches of heavy snow in North Carolina and Virginia, sending several other southeastern states into a state of emergency, reporting a 5.5″ storm level with falling rainAdvancing across the state, the storm has caused wrecks, roadblocks and more.


North Carolina
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State and local officials such as Ralph Northam, Governor of Virginia, have urged residents about the “treacherous” roads and to “take all necessary precautions” to ensure their safety during this freezing weather. Accuweather reported over 200,000 power outages as of Saturday night. Duke Energy, electrical services company in North Carolina, estimates over 500,000 residents and customers could lose power by the end of the day.

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Amtrak routes have been adjusted or canceled due to the weather. American Airlines planned to minimize their operations and begun over 1,000 flight cancelations at Charlotte Douglas Airport. AA is the second largest hub in Charlotte. Other states like South Carolina, Oklahoma, and parts of Texas have already been hit with at least 10 inches of snow.

This was not the weekend “to see the winter wonderland,” according to Governor of North Carolina Roy Cooper,  referring to the storm’s lasting impact. According to AccuWeather, Charlotte will have a late start on Monday with a two-hour delay and several closed schools, after receiving over 1,500 service calls and accidents in North Carolina.

Check your flight status before going to the airport. Airlines are waiving change fees for stranded passengers.