Snake Found Aboard United Flight At Newark Airport 
Photo Credit: Davide Clode

Photo Credit: Davide Clode

Snake Found Aboard United Flight At Newark Airport 

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Oct 20, 2022

Snakes on a Plane immediately comes to mind when learning of a recent incident involving a snake on a flight.

What happened:

The creepy crawler was discovered slithering around by a passenger shortly after United Airlines flight 2038 from Tampa landed at Newark Liberty International Airport.

According to CNN, operations employees along with police officers, arrived at the gate early Monday afternoon to meet the aircraft. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey told CNN they “removed the garden snake” and that no one on the flight was injured.

A small snake, scary nonetheless:

The snake was of the garter snake variety. They are commonly referred to as garden snakes since that is where they are often found. A nonvenomous snake, they can help lower populations of other common pests, as they feed on insects and small rodents.

A passenger who had been on the flight said while the plane was taxiing “passengers in business class started shrieking and pulling their feet up.”

Requested assistance:

Customers on the flight made crew members aware of the unwanted passenger, and they then reached out to airport officials and requested assistance.

The incident did not affect airport operations.

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