You Can Now Book A Sleeper's Row On Long-Haul Lufthansa Flights
Photo Credit: Al Soot

Photo Credit: Al Soot

You Can Now Book A Sleeper's Row On Long-Haul Lufthansa Flights

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Aug 11, 2021

What could be better than having the whole row all to yourself on a flight? German airline Lufthansa is now making it possible for economy class customers to purchase the whole row of three or four seats, also known as a sleeper’s row, on select long-haul flights.

Yes, now you have the opportunity to have a ‘semi-first class’ experience, even in the economy class cabin. Because who wouldn’t want to lay out on and nap during a super long flying experience.

According to a press release from the airline, a Sleeper’s Row can be booked at check-in or at the gate, and includes a blanket, pillow, and mattress topper to make it more comfortable to lay horizontally across the seats.

Another added perk is being able to pre-board the plane before other economy passengers. Concerned about safety while sleeping? Lufthansa has it covered.

“Safety during the flight is ensured by a special seat belt, which remains fastened even when the passenger is lying down, including separate safety instructions,” reads the release.

Sleeper’s Rows are available on flights lasting eleven hours or more, for example, flights to Far East Asia and the western United States. There are a maximum of three Sleeper’s Rows offered per flight, with a surcharge of €159 to €229 per route.

“The Sleeper’s Row is a further step towards more product diversity in Economy Class to meet passengers’ wishes for more comfort and individuality,” said Luthansa in their press release. “By equipping the new long-haul aircraft, Lufthansa is providing its passengers additional services to make flying even more pleasant.”

Would you pay the extra fee to be able to have the option to lay out on your long flight? Or, would you rather just pay the price for the full first-class experience?

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