Two Sisters Are Designing Yoga Mats So Black Women Feel Represented in Fitness
Photo Credit: Toned By BaggedEm

Photo Credit: Toned By BaggedEm

Two Sisters Are Designing Yoga Mats So Black Women Feel Represented in Fitness

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Mar 11, 2020

Two sisters are working to make sure that women of color feel represented in the wellness industry. 

Inspired by their own fitness journeys, Julia and Cornelia Gibson created Tone by BaggedEm – a unique twist to the traditional and boring fitness mat that showcases Black Girl Magic.

The images painted on the mats depicts women of color with curly hair, headscarves, and real body shapes.

“We realized that we are among a group of women that make up a large part of the fitness community, but still feel ignored and misunderstood,” the sisters penned on their website.  “Our ultimate goal is to create a brand that tells women that we are most beautiful when we push ourselves, you don’t have to be perfect to start.”

The images, originally drawn by their mother, are meant to instill confidence and drive in women to push through these obstacles.  

“We have seen the reaction of women that have come in contact with our mats, and the way they light up is extraordinary,” the Gibson sisters said.

Their ultimate goal is that women see the beauty in themselves in their products and remind women that it’s okay to sweat.

If you’re planning on a wellness retreat soon, be sure to order this mat.

There are currently four different designs available ranging from $60 to $80.

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