Black Siblings Create Travel Book For Kids
Photo Credit: Unsplash | Jonas Jacobsson

Photo Credit: Unsplash | Jonas Jacobsson

Black Siblings Create Travel Book For Kids

Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Sep 28, 2020

Three siblings from the Washington, DC area have created a traveling book and YouTube animation series to inspire African American families to travel more.

16-year old Jiyah, 12-year old Jace, and 11-year old Merl are the talented writers of the behind Fennell Adventures: a book series that shares the children’s traveling experience.

A Passion For Travel

When Jennaye was in college, a professor asked the class about the places they had visited.

The Caribbean, Europe, and other places were all mention, but for Jennaye, she only remembered a trip to Disney World at the age of 12.

“I grew up in the inner city with just my mom raising me, so we couldn’t go many places,” Jennaye told Delaware Online during an interview. “I wanted to go to those wonderful cities I heard about and vowed I would one day travel the world.”

For Jannaye, exploring with her children was a part of the plan. The children have already explored 31 states in their goal of traveling to all 50.

After returning from a trip to Hawaii, Jace approached his mother with the idea of writing about their adventures.

“Journey through Hawaii with Jace” was the first in the Fennell Adventures series.

About Fennel Adventures

While travel is on a standstill amid the global pandemic, the family believes no one should be held back from exploring the world through imagination during COVID-19, which is where their books come in.

There are currently five travel books in the Fennell Adventures series, including Journey through Hawaii with Jace, Journey through Texas with Merl, Journey through New Orleans with Merl, Journey through Cuba with Jace, and Journey through Atlanta with Jiyah.

Readers and aspiring young travelers will learn about culture, geography, language, food, and food through the book series. Each book is unique because the reader decides the path and can be read over 25 different ways.

Jiyah, Jace, and Merl have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help with their plans of expanding their current book selections to include the Midwest, Orlando, and the DMV area.

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