Should You Give Diet And Exercise A Rest While On Vacation?
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Should You Give Diet And Exercise A Rest While On Vacation?

Sharelle Burt
Sharelle Burt Feb 22, 2019

Starting a new diet can be hard. It takes serious commitment and dedication. But you can be easily distracted just by opening their refrigerator and seeing the wrong food. Committing to exercise is difficult too. You get tired after work and going to the gym becomes an afterthought.

Now, imagine being on vacation. Stateside or international, there will be food that you won’t get to experience at home, so the temptation is just calling you. You will be so busy having fun on excursions, who has time to hit the treadmill? So TN wanted to know: should you put your diet and exercise on pause when you’re traveling?

A majority of travelers said to give it a rest. Vacation is about having fun and experiencing things you can’t do at home.

Others aren’t even sure about the concept of diet and exercise.

Some people take the health and wellness lifestyle very seriously. Those are the ones that will find a gym in the resort they booked or will make sure they partake in good food, but from a healthy standpoint.

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That makes sense. Travelers will get their cardio in regardless. Put your FitBit on and watch how many steps you take while on vacation. Now for some, it all depends on where you’re going. We’re sure its hard to maintain a diet and exercise regimen when traveling to places like Texas, where everything is bigger, or Italy where the food is too good to pass up.

It all depends on how serious you are about changing your lifestyle or maintaining it. If you decide to take a break, don’t beat yourself up about it, just know when you get back home, you need to get back to business.

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