Should You Be Traveling With CBD Products? We've Got The Answers!
Photo Credit: Photo by GRAS GRÜN on Unsplash

Photo Credit: Photo by GRAS GRÜN on Unsplash

Should You Be Traveling With CBD Products? We've Got The Answers!

Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Oct 31, 2019

CBD has become a trend in the past year amongst millennials and those in the wellness community. Many of us have enjoyed the benefits of using CBD so much that we want to take it everywhere we go. This can cause a bit of confusion when it’s time to travel across state lines or internationally. 

There are still blurred lines with whether or not you can carry CBD across state lines because of regulations and misinformation. 

So what exactly is CBD and why could it potentially be illegal?

“While CBD is an essential component of medical marijuana, it is derived directly from the hemp plant, which is a cousin of the marijuana plant,” writes Dr. Peter Grinspoon in Harvard Health Publishing of Harvard Medical School

Dr. Grinspoon goes on to share, “While CBD is a component of marijuana (one of hundreds), by itself it does not cause a high.”

However, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) changed its policy in May stating that CBD is allowed only if it contains less than 0.3% THC (the substance that causes a high). 

Initially, when the policy was changed, the public began questioning how exactly TSA agents would know how much THC was in traveler’s products. 

The other issue that arose is laws about hemp and cannabis are not the same in each state. California may have legalized the use of cannabis, but there are still areas in the US where this is illegal. 

If you’re officially confused, here are some things to note when deciding if you should travel with CBD.

Does It Meet The Qualifications?

The TSA isn’t necessarily looking for personal care products. They are more concerned with if people are traveling with weapons, explosives, and harmful instruments.

CBD Is Different From Other Consumer Products

William Garvin, co-head of the cannabis group at Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, a law firm “supporting the cannabis industry as it expands nationwide” says, “it’s OK to drink a Diet Coke in Missouri and drive to Montana with it.” However, this isn’t the same with CBD because of conflicting laws. 

Make Sure Your Products Are Clearly Labeled

When purchasing CBD products, make sure to get a certificate of analysis, stating what the product contains. Since not every CBD product comes with this, you may need to request it from the vendor. 

Everywhere Isn’t CBD Friendly

Travis Rexroad, director of public relations for Weedmaps, a company documenting the changing state, federal and international laws on CBD and cannabis, says in an email: “Unfortunately, there are still some nuances on whether it’s advisable to fly with CBD, varying most widely state by state. Reason being…that, although there has been movement at the federal level to legalize hemp-derived CBD, certain states hold stricter laws that could mean consequences for those traveling with CBD.”

For example, in April a 69-year-old woman was arrested at Disney World for carrying CBD oil in her handbag after being searched. According to NBC Miami, the woman was detained for 15 hours even though she was prescribed the CBD oil by her doctor to treat her arthritis. reported that the charges have since been dropped.

The decision to travel with CBD is ultimately up to you, but you definitely have to consider the risks associated with traveling with CBD products. 

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