The Sheets At This Chinese Hotel Let You Know The Last Time They Were Washed
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The Sheets At This Chinese Hotel Let You Know The Last Time They Were Washed

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jul 11, 2019

The central China city of Wuhan is launching high-tech sheets that tell travelers the last time they were washed.

Wuhan Kunteng Laundry will implant microchips into bed sheets, towels, and quilts, according to CNN Travel.

The microchips will be implanted into the corner of the items and travelers could access the date the items were last washed via their cell phones.

Chinese state-run media outlet Xinhua reports that Wuhan Kunteng Laundry will provide cleaning services for hotels and hostels in Wuhan.

All of the items will contain a QR code to be scanned as well as being both water and temperature resistant; withstanding consistent washes.

There are more than 10 million people living in Wuhan and it is a major transportation hub in China; making it popular amongst travelers.

This new technology is the latest amongst other tech advancements in the Chinese hotel industry.

According to CNN, the InterContinental Hotels Group teamed up with Chinese tech-company, Baidu, last year to launch Smart Rooms in China — these rooms are supported by artificial intelligence.

Another example is the Hangzhou Marriott Hotel Qianjiang and Sanya Marriot Hotel Dadonghai Bay which are the first international properties of Marriott to introduce facial recognition as a form of checking-in.

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