Shanghai Disneyland Goes On Lockdown With 30,000 Parkgoers Inside, Here's Why
Photo Credit: Capricorn Song

Photo Credit: Capricorn Song

Shanghai Disneyland Goes On Lockdown With 30,000 Parkgoers Inside, Here's Why

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay Nov 2, 2021

Shanghai Disneyland experienced one of the roughest days in the entertainment park’s global history from a COVID-19 scare recently.

The park was packed when China‘s COVID-19 medical officers came into the park after it was placed on lockdown. Over 30,000 Disneyland parkgoers were tested and stuck inside the theme park because of a local woman testing positive in a nearby province.

This is all a part of China’s zero-COVID policy that outlines the strictness of the country’s Coronavirus monitoring and regulations.

Disneyland’s landmark characters were shuffled out of the way as health officials wearing hazmat suits and PPE (personal protective equipment) were ordered to sort out the fearful COVID-19 trace. The juxtaposition of various testing sites being hung up while thousands of people line up in front of the dazzling Disneyland firework show exemplified how much the pandemic has altered reality.

With foreign countries cracking down on the spread of COVID-19, China is a great example of how to take immediate action.

The enforcement of interrupting Disneyland parkgoers’ experience on Sunday evening was to investigate the COVID-19 infection rate in the area. China is focusing on removing COVID-19 completely from its population and is aiming to do so through defensive tactics such as shutting down Disneyland for testing.

This is all an ongoing investigation because a woman who went to Disneyland on Saturday tested positive. She lived in the neighboring coastal region of Jiangsu.

Photo Courtesy Of Karen Zhang

All the results of parkgoers came back negative, even though the government in Shanghai tested individuals in Disneyland and the nearby Disneytown center. Over 100,000 people visited Disneyland in Shanghai in the past weekend, and China is firm about up keeping its no-COVID-19 tolerance.

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