We Suggest You Make Seychelles Your Next Travel Destination
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

We Suggest You Make Seychelles Your Next Travel Destination

Rachel George
Rachel George Jun 29, 2019

Grab your bathing suit and unwind in the white sand surrounded by palm trees, on an island in Seychelles.

Seychelles, which is right off the eastern coast of Africa, is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. That means you don’t worry about overcrowded beaches.

Hop from island to island enjoying a variety of activities like hiking trails, water excursions, snorkeling, diving, and exploring the gigantic coral reefs

Seychelles is an excellent destination for honeymooners or thrill seekers wanting to witness endangered species of fish or deep dive into 40 meters of pristine Topaz water.

With beautiful weather year-round,  here’s why Seychelles should be your next travel destination:


Most of the restaurants feature American, Italian and Creole-inspired dishes made with hot chilies and fish served raw, roasted, grilled or curried. For about 30 euros, you can eat all you want at The Boathouse Café, a short distance from Seychelles’ most famous beach, Beau Vallon. Presentation is key for the food at Ristorante Pizzeria De Luca and Gelateria on Praslin Island. Exquisite food, soft lighting and they also have a gelato shop with at least 15 different flavors of ice cream. The Takamaka Rum Distillery is also a must-see.


Add Seychelles Carnival to your calendar. There’s still time since the annual 3-day celebration has been moved from April to October to align with the annual Creole Festival. Everything from the parade and music, to the performances, is reflective of Seychelles’ melting pot of cultures. Seychelles Carnival features bands of Brazilian dancers, Masai Warriors, singers, Chinese acrobats, and more. Celebrating Creole culture, the festival is visited by people from all over the world, including other Creole artists.

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There are a variety of activities and water excursions to take advantage of like kayaking, riding in a luxury speed boat with flat-screen TVs, and deep diving off a canyon.  For romantics, create your own coral fragment in honor of your union with WiseOceans. Hike through the Vallee de Mai Nature Preserve, its also the best place to see the biggest nut in the world Coco de Mer, shaped like a female, well you see it.

Coco de Mer, Seychelles islands | Getty Images

Luxury Resorts

Get the full 5-star treatment at this beyond all-inclusive resort, Maia Luxury Resort & Spa.  Experience private villas, a butler, helicopter rides to uninhabited islands. Dine anywhere from the resort’s distinct menus from five different chefs. Apparently, pictures don’t do this home any justice because this green earthy house is complete with a private garden and other unique amenities such as a seashell wall, an outdoor shower to use when returning from the beach, and a very helpful housekeeper.

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