Seychelles on my Mind
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Seychelles on my Mind

Jessica Belle
Jessica Belle Apr 30, 2014

Seychelles is not a trip that you take; but a trip that takes you.

Before you ever arrive, your eyes drink in the cobalt blue waters of the Indian Ocean that seem to appear out of nowhere beneath miles of clouds. Listed twice in the Top 25 Beaches of the World, Seychelles is famous for having pristine sand and waters perfect for swimming, paddle surfing, or just pure relaxation. There’s also a unique history to take in as well as nightlife. The islands are blessed with a year-round warm, tropical climate so it’s always a good time to visit. With so much to available to explore, I have listed my highlights for experiencing the best of Seychelles.

Island Hopping

The Republic of Seychelles is made up of over a hundred islands, 16 of which have accommodations. So experiencing more than one island during your stay is a must. Ferries and small plane rides are offered at prices that are extremely affordable between Mahe Island, the main island, Praslin Island, the second largest, and La Digue.

Get a Driver for a Day

We stayed on Mahe Island for our first trip but I’m looking forward to taking in the other islands next time! If you miss the opportunity to island hop, the next best thing to do is take a drive around the main island. Mahe Island is only 16 miles long, so it took less than a day to drive around the entire coast. A great driver is also a tour guide, stopping for the best views (and pictures of you), sharing some of the local culture and history, and taking you to off the beaten path cafés.

Eating Well

The major resorts in Seychelles offer exceptional service and cuisine. We enjoyed a lavish, candlelit dinner, but moreover we enjoyed the charming local cafes. My favorite, Anse Soleil Café, is a tranquil, feet-in-the-sand restaurant located on of the best beaches of Mahé Island, Anse Soleil. Gorgeous views, calming waters, great service, and amazing food!




Take It Easy

I’m a notorious adventure seeker while on vacation, wanting to experience both exploration and excitement. But visiting Seychelles impressed upon me, more than anything the ability to give in to 100% relaxation.



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