Seven Must-Try Foods When Traveling To Antigua
Photo Credit: Photo by ELEVATE from Pexels

Photo Credit: Photo by ELEVATE from Pexels

Seven Must-Try Foods When Traveling To Antigua

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Danielle Dorsey
Danielle Dorsey Sep 21, 2019

Antigua is a foodie’s paradise, offering Caribbean staples like jerk chicken and roti, fresh seafood, and local delicacies for tourists to try. Wash it all down with a Wadadli beer or a fruity rum to complete your experience. 

If traveling to the Caribbean islands are in your plans and you’re thinking about stopping by Antigua and Barbuda, we’ve compiled seven mouthwatering must-try dishes.

1. Fungi

Sometimes called Antiguan polenta or grits, fungi is the Caribbean island’s national dish and is traditionally served for breakfast. Fungi is made by forming a cornmeal and okra paste into balls and typically eaten with stews and meats. Saltfish, or flaky white fish that has been cured in salt, is a favorite pairing for fungi. 

2. Conch

The Caribbean is known for its popular seafood cuisine and Antigua is no different. Conch (pronounced conk) is meat that’s been taken from the inside of conch shells (tourists will see plenty decorating Antigua’s beaches). It has a slightly chewy texture and tastes similar to clams. It is often included in curries, fritters, chowders, and ceviches. 

3. Ducana

Ducana is Antigua’s version of a tamale. The dough is made of coconut, pumpkin, and grated sweet potato, then wrapped in a banana leaf and boiled in water before being seasoned with cinnamon. It’s commonly served with saltfish, but doubles as a satisfying vegan dish when eaten on its own. 

4. Macaroni pie 

Macaroni pie is a popular side dish in Antigua, but one thing that distinguishes it from America’s macaroni and cheese is that it is served cold and sliced.

5. Black pineapple 

Black pineapple was originally brought to Antigua by the indigenous Arawak people who arrived by boat from Venezuela. It’s much sweeter than regular pineapple and the skin remains greenish even when it’s ripe.

6. Souse

Souse is a cold, spicy soup that’s prepared with pickled pig’s feet and other pork offal that’s traditionally eaten on Sundays

7. Goat water

Don’t let the name turn you off, goat water is actually a hearty stew that’s often eaten for breakfast. The goat meat is slow-cooked with cinnamon and clove, which makes for a fragrant and filling meal.

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